A case against some Christian schools

In particular, Christian schools that use the Accelerated Christian Education(ACE) curriculum. If you wish to have your child go to a Christian-based school you have every right to do so, but you should know if the school you send your child to is openly racist:

or sexist:

or, as pointed out in this Raw Story article about multiple choice tests given by ACE, just mind-numbingly *wrong, where children are taught that “scale drawing” means “a small picture”, “Celisus” means “the metric temperature scale”, and after saying that Louis Pasteur “did experiments with milk” gave these three choices as to who Mr. Louis Pasteur was:
a) A glass bottle
b) An airplane
c) A scientist

By the way, those previous examples are from the 4th grade curriculum. I am against giving my tax money for the purpose of deliberately making our children stupid. What is your opinion about this?

My opinion is that the article is biased in favour of those schools, when it calls the schools’ approval of apartheid “controversial” instead of calling it “evil and depraved”.

If there is controversy over apartheid, I have no qualms in calling for those in favour to spend the rest of their lives as slaves, since they obviously enjoy the idea.

Is this sexist even though it’s true, or sexist because it’s true, or something else?

Also, “some”, I am told, is a weasel word. Can it therefore be interpreted as saying “all Christian schools”?

Me too. How much tax money did you give to those schools?


Well, first of all, it isn’t true. You can be abstinent until marriage and still contract AIDS if you marry someone who is already HIV-positive, or if they cheat on you, or if either of you is an IV drug user, or if you’re raped by someone who is HIV-positive. Secondly, even if it were true, it isn’t the only thing that you can do to reduce your chances of getting AIDS; if this is all that teenagers are told, there is some pertinent missing information.

It can be directly read(not “interpreted”) as referring to schools using the ACE curriculum.
edited to add: Any tax breaks or government support given schools that use this curriculum comes from other taxpayers.

To be fair, it’s like “You can’t be killed in a plane crash if you don’t fly in an airplane.” technically, yes you could be standing in the middle of a corn field in Nebraska and get hit by a Boeing plummeting out of the sky but in the context of the intended message of the speech it is reasonably accurate for its purpose. Most of the other methods of getting AIDS are outside one’s control (blood transfusion, rape, inheriting it)

To be fair, it isn’t even reasonably accurate for its purpose. Leaving aside the preposterous position that sex is the only way to get AIDS,
“…one can avoid AIDS by being abstinent until marriage”(italics mine).
“One”-not both partners
“Avoid”-not lessen the chances
A person can be a virgin untouched by human hands, but that person cannot totally avoid all chance of acquiring AIDS unless the other person is a total virgin that will remain totally faithful…and there is no possible way to know such a thing.

There’s nothing magical about marriage that protects against disease. Many HIV positive individuals caught it from their spouses. Comprehensive sex education, which discusses abstinence as well as prophylactic usage, is statistically shown to be the best way to protect children both against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Evidence of sexism?
From the link in the OP from Raw Story:

No special women? I guess “subservient” is as special as they get.

I could give a rats behind about your opinions about how social issues are taught. Why? Because everyones are different. Some schools now areteaching their is more than one gender. Believe me, no school is perfect.

My son used to attend a Christian school and no, I didnt always agree with everything taught. Same as now in the public schools.

What is IMPORTANT is how the kids do in getting into colleges, passing standardized tests (like the ACT), and being ready for life. My sons Christian school outperformed the best public schools in the area on the ACT.

Did your son’s school use the ACE curriculum?

Too late to edit: Did you see the link in the OP to the multiple choice questions asked, and are these the types of tests that would get your child into college?

“Some” is a weasel word. You meant “all Christian schools”. Why are you making such a broad and inaccurate statement?

How much tax money did you give to those schools? Let’s see a cite.

What percentage of HIV-positive people in the US caught it from their spouses? Let’s see a cite for that too - hard figures, please. I note especially that you said “spouses”, so married people only.

Then you can cite the percentage of those who were abstinent before marriage, and then contracted AIDS afterwards. Again, hard figures, please.


Do you have anything to say about the ACE curriculum as described in the two links provided in the OP?

They are? Did you personally teach your children that apartheid was good? Yes or no.

Why would I go to this effort? You already agree - it’s factually incorrect to say that abstinence before marriage is not 100% effective at preventing HIV. That’s good enough for me.

Add to that the fact that my personal tax records are none of your business, Shodan.

No, I dont think so. They used some of the same textbooks they used in the public schools and some different.

Then it has nothing to do with the topic of the ACE curriculum, as far as I can tell. Did you hit the links provided to see what is being taught by this group?

What you, I, or what the man in the moon thinks about ONE particular issue is irrelevant.

Why the heck are you basing your opinion about a school on ONE issue?

What are the schools outcomes and results? How good did they do on the ACT? How many kids get into colleges? Do they offer the courses the kid wants? for example, my son wanted to take woodworking and cooking classes so he switched to a public school. other kids go to his school because of the STEM courses.

Are their people openly selling drugs?

How many police are stationed at the school?