A cat lover has to get rid of an unwanted aggressive stray

I have 2 rescues. One of them goes out, and please, no lectures. The other is tiny now, and tho’ we have no plans to let her out, shit happens. We’d like her to be as safe as possible.

About 6 mos. ago an aggressive stray showed up. He comes in the cat door and eats, he sprays on everything, causing my neutered male to start that shit again. He picks a fight constantly-in the evenings I hear horrendous cat screaming. He looks sick. I won’t have my outdoor bruiser hurt. So I trapped the stray.

Now the problem. No way to get rid of this devil. Humane Society will neuter and return for $60. Fucked if I want this thing back!! There are commercial companies that will remove it for a fee. Rescue places, at least the ones I can find, don’t want it. It’s an aggressive bastard-it hissed and spit every time I approached the trap.

I love cats. My cats have an insanely good life. Don’t like this cat food? My darling, I will buy eleventy hundred other cans to find what you like. You like shredding Kleenex–here’s a box, I can clean that up later. Know what I mean? But I need to get rid of this menace.

So out to desert with you, you nasty little fuck. Sorry gods of cats and furry things, so damn sorry, I know there’s a blot on my soul now, assuming I had one. Fire away doper cat lovers–there was just nothing I could do.

Not sure why you posted this here, knowing what’s going to come your way. I hope there were food sources out where you let the stray go.

I dont think you have any other choice. You tried to call people to help but that is all you can do now.

I don’t know if you’re kinder than I am or not, but I probably would have taken it to the vet and had it put down. Its nastiness could have been due to disease, but in any event, I don’t see any value to keeping it alive.

And I am a firm believer of rescuing critters - at one point, we had 2 dogs and 2 cats who were all rescues. Alas, the doggies have both died, but the two cats are still here, shedding all over my furniture.

You mention you have a cat door. If letting your own cat out is important to you, is there a way you can let your own cat outside, that doesn’t involve the cat door? I’m wondering if there’s a way to get rid of the cat door, so the stray won’t keep coming in.

Neutering can turn the temperament of a cat like this right round.My cite, a friend’s cat that acted just like this until he did TNR and has now turned into a lovely house cat. To be clearer, he continued to care for the stray in his home, following neutering, in case of any complications, and the “release” turned into staying on as an indoor/outdoor cat :slight_smile:

Euthanasia would have been kinder than what you have done. Poor beast.

You didn’t bother to get the cat fixed first???

You just released an unneutered Tom???

As someone who volunteers at the county animal shelter (high kill — 4 out of 5 cats who come in don’t leave alive) where we get to deal with the babies that Toms like this make…:mad::mad::mad:

No, let me add a few more of those

Next time get the cat fixed and while it’s being fixed advertise you’ve got a barn cat to place. There are people in the country who can use an unsocialized cat who will hunt.***

No, how about you try to correct your mistake by trying to retrap the cat where you dumped him and then doing the above?

Of course not. That would effort & money. Isn’t it lucky that DummyGladHands found the most convenient solution and it turned out to also be the cheapest? Aren’t you impressed by how much DummyGladHands loves cats? Maybe we can all pitch in and get him a Must Love Cats t-shirt.

As a desert dweller, I have mixed emotions about this one. I have NO need or desire to have your unfriendly & unhealthy stray hanging around my place.

If it were an unwanted house cat, the wolves, coyotes, owls, foxes, cougars, hawks, or eagles would take care of it for us. OTOH, I am quite sure that you would have found a “forever home” for it.

Since it is an “aggressive stray” it will probably live longer than you think that it will. Now it may become one of the many “feral” cats out here. Those that come around my place will get trapped, neutered, & released again. If someone does not like that, send me your address & I will, at your cost, send you all the cats that you want, & then some. I can easily trap 50 for you this week.

I let these “feral” cats sort themselves out as far as pecking order goes. OTOH, If they take to eating our chickens or rabbits, It is time for them to go to the “Happy Hunting Ground”. This happens from time to time. It does not make me happy, but sometimes it has to be done.

I do understand your problem. On one hand as a cat lover, you do not want to make this cat’s life harder, yet you also do not want your cats hassled or influenced by this “aggressive bastard”. You have looked into all of the options that you have available to you locally. You chose the option that you felt was best for you, while the cat may be in a better place for it. You felt that you had no good choices. I believe that you did the best that you could.

IMHO, Putting it down would have been better. OTOH, I may well be wrong on that. While I detest the fact that you felt that this was your best option, I do understand that you did the best that you could. You will get NO HATE from me. I am sorry that you had to go through this.

Did you know that one unneutered, aggressive, wild tom can result in thousands of feral kittens a year? Just think of all the unfortunate lady cats he’s going to rape now.

That last tongue in cheek, of course, but why did you even post this? You’ve been a member since 2010 and you didn’t think to ask advice *before *making this decision?

I’m a little confused, probably because where I’m at, the Humane Society is the local pound where unwanted cats and dogs go along with wandering strays without tags and/or collars.

for the second part, I concur with Rachellelogram, you could have asked for advice before acting, you should know the nature of this board by now!

Some humane societies don’t have space for any more animals. I discovered that last year when I tried to find a place that would take in a stray kitten that turned up in my yard. They would have taken a stray dog, but they refused to take the cat.

I’d have tried my best to find a place that euthanizes cats that are inappropriate for handing off to someone as a pet. Failing that, I may have responded the same way.

Believe it or not, cats are not necessarily worth the effort to save. The OP is talking about a feral cat that is constantly invading his home, and that he has no way to deal with, and the response is “Oooh, kitty.”

Given the choice of immediate death for myself, and an exile in which I’d have to live by my wits, I’d take exile.

Actually, I’d say the response seems to have been more in anger for him contributing to the problem (by neither having the cat spayed nor euthanized) than anger at him for not adopting it. All he did was make it someone else’s problem. I’d be okay with euthanizing (or shooting) the cat, but just hauling him off somewhere is just selfish and irresponsible and making problems for other people.

The OP stated that his only option at the Humane Society was to have it castrated and returned to him. He doesn’t want it, neutered or not.

Other than killing it himself, which I might under the circumstances be OK with, what do you suggest he do?

FYI, I just got a cat door that scans microchips. Only lets in the microchips you’ve scanned into it. Also has a scannable collar tag you can use instead of a microchip.

Have it castrated and after it’s returned to him, take him on a long drive to someplace far away and let him loose. He might end up as someone else’s problem, but he won’t father any more problems and he won’t be spraying. And maybe his temperament will change.

When you take a feral in for TNR, you request they get tested for FIV/FeLV (especially if they don’t look totally healthy). You then sign a paper that agrees if the cat is positive he can be euthanized. Everybody wins.

Now, you have no idea if that cat was a carrier and he fought and shared spaces with your cats. So you need to have them tested now, too.

I’m also betting the actual Humane Society in your area is a traditional shelter that euthanizes for space, and takes whatever unwanted pets from people. All you had to do was show up with him, say he’s your cat and you don’t want him, and hand him over. Whether they attempt to rehabilitate him or not, he’s no longer your problem and you put him in a place where he’s sheltered and fed (and others are not saddled with him) until whatever fate awaits.

The cat sounds like it is going to be a serious problem and needs to be put down, not relocated to be some other environment’s problem. You have now put an intact male cat into a place where it can prey on local fauna and impregnate any wild female cat that it comes across.