A cell phone plan question, of sorts

So I have the opportunity to make my employer pay for my cell phone, which is a no-brainer! Make them pay!!

However, I’ve had my mom on my cell phone plan for at least 3 years for a whopping $10 a month extra. When I transfer my phone to the company, then I will need to strip off my mom’s account. But she will still need a phone.

She uses her cell phone very little. In the past 6 months, the most she has used her phone in any given month, is 60 minutes. Most months she uses less than 20 minutes, if any.

The lowest rate plan for a regular phone is the “senior plan” which is $30/month for 200 minutes. She could keep her phone number, and from her perspective, nothing would change.

Prepaid plans will be too complicated for her to keep track of. If you don’t use the phone for 30 days, you have to re-activate. She would never remember to make at least one call to keep things going. If you do let it lapse, you can’t get the phone number back.:smack:
Are there options I am not considering?

Invoice your employer each month for your cell phone bill minus the cost of your mom’s line or you pay the phone company directly for your moms costs and your company pays the balance.

If you do a prepaid plan with an automatic credit card payment every month, you’ll keep the account active.

Or, you can get a TMobile prepaid phone account and for $100, get 1000 minutes which will last one year. You can set it up to refill automatically if it gets low. If you buy 100 minutes at a time, it’s only 10 cents per minute.

Yeah, try this first. It’s not like companies that pay for phones are going to be baffled by the concept of a family plan. It probably comes up a lot and they have a standard process for handling it.

Thanks for the other ideas.

I could expense out my cell phone, but it is easier on ME :slight_smile: if I just have them get the bill directly from the carrier. There are 2 options at my company for cell phone bills. The first is to have the company “own” the phone. There is zero paperwork for me. The second is to fill out an expense report every month, get it signed by my vp, and then submit it to AP for payment. Every month.
The second option is best for me on a pure dollar basis, the best plan. However the odds of me getting annoyed by the paperwork and then forgetting to submit every month will cost me money too.

I am also having second thoughts on having the company pay the bill. Right now my cell phone number is a closely held secret. Once the company pays for it, it goes in my email signature and is available to everyone in the company… decisions, decisions, decisions.

Get another phone, only for business use, and let your company pay for it. Keep the one you have now for personal use, and your mother keeps the system she’s been using. Doesn’t cost you money or privacy.