A Christmas morning conversation

Me: It’s Christmas!!
Four year old Daughter: No it’s not!!
Me: Yes it is, look (points to Advent Calender), it was the 24th yesterday, that’s Daddy’s birthday, so after 24 comes 25, and that is Christmas Day.
FYOD: BUT, there’s no SNOW!!!

All suggestions as how to explain Northern and Southern hemispheres, the inclination of the earth and the myth of Jesus’ trip to England to a four year old gratefully received…

Happy Christmas everyone!!


Myth!!! Those feet indeed, in ancient times, walked upon England’s mountains green…
It’s a day late but here’s my suggestion-

“OK, Honey, we can wait till it snows & becomes Christmas before you can open your gifts.”

Friar Ted, you sound a lot like my father. When I was your daughter’s age, and not wanting to go to Sunday School(I’d been fussing in class) he took me out. Instead of whacking me and saying I had to go whether I wanted to or not, he said this. “Okay, you don’t have to go. In fact, I’m not going to let you go. Those fun things the other kids get to do, like the Christmas program? You’ll never get to do that.”

After that I’m told I went to Sunday School willingly.


My parents pulled a similar trick when I made a complaint about a non-white Christmas. I quickly agreed that it was Christmas and Santa must be magic to land a sleigh on no snow. Where are the presents?

No other explanation is needed.

Heh. I think that would have backfired on him if it were me…then again I never went to Sunday School.