A Christmas Story Live

I may simply not be watching at the right times, but I’ve only seen this mentioned once on a commercial on Fox. I’ve had no interest in watching any of those live musicals that have been a recent fad, but I want to give this a try.

I haven’t seen the stage musical live (couldn’t make it when it was at the Walnut Street Theater in Philly), but I love the score. The cast album was probably my favorite present of 2012…well, after the earrings my sister gave me. It’s a very retro-Broadway sound with tuneful melodies and witty lyrics. So I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s a good one from the stage show, and this one’s probably my favorite.

Yeah, the two guys who wrote it are the ones who wrote the lyrics for the songs from La La Land. It is indeed fun music, although like the OP I’m not really interested in live broadcasts of musicals (probably because I music direct and play piano for live musicals for a living). I may need to make an exception for this one though, as they really did write a fun show.

And the music and lyrics for Dear Evan Hansen, and the lyrics (and maybe the music, I’m not sure) for the upcoming movie The Greatest Showman.

Here’s the entire playlist for A Christmas Story if you’d like to hear all the songs. I understand they’re adding a couple new ones as well. (One of the songs from the stage show, “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out,” wasn’t on the cast album for some reason.)

Yeah, what happened is they recorded the cast album too soon. The show underwent major revisions after they recorded it, so now it doesn’t really match the official show very well anymore. I believe “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” wasn’t written at the time the cast album was recorded.

I just spent a week playing piano for auditions for a professional production in NY, and that was the song the teachers had to sing. So I played it about 50 times in a row, haha. It was fun, though.

Am I the only one disappointed that the event being touted ISN’T a cinema screening with audience participation a la RHPS?

Ah. I thought that said A Christmas Carol until I clicked on the link. I’d be into that, but I never really got into A Christmas Story. To me, it has a melancholy vibe, and that’s just not what I like in my Christmas specials.

Still, I hope you guys enjoy it. And I hope it’s better than that weird sequel they did. Though apparently there’s another sequel?

My Summer Story/It Runs In The Family has more credence as a sequel in my eyes, since it was based on Shepherd’s writings and features his narration. (And spotlights one of my favorite vignettes from his writings that didn’t make it into ACS…the Great Orpheum Theater Gravy Boat Riot.)

There were also a couple TV-movie adaptations of Shep’s work on PBS after ACS was released, including Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss, so they might also count as “sequels” of a sort. (PBS did some Shepherd adaptations even BEFORE A Christmas Story. Behold…the ORIGINAL leg lamp!)

Yeah, for anyone who hasn’t read any of Shepherd’s books, you really should try at least In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash, the main source for* A Christmas Story*. (One interesting tidbit–while still naming no names, the book gives enough of a hint for you to realize that the leg lamp is a prize from Nehi soda, so it suddenly actually makes sense as a “major award” instead of being entirely random.)