A coin is being tossed. Which are you more likely to call?

If you don’t have a preference, then please don’t vote. I’m trying to survey people that tend to make the same call. Poll coming.

“verse!” :stuck_out_tongue: actually “heads”.

can’t decide, flips coin


'Cause that’s how I roll.

Because they’re round, they… never mind.

Paper. Nobody expects the paper gambit. I spit on your rock.

I actually have a superstitious bent to make the other guy call it. I don’t know why, it just feels unlucky to make the call. This is particularly unusual for meas I never choose the path of passivity. Even in passive resistance, I’m general at the head of the pack.

But no, there’s something about a coin toss that makes me want to stand back and let the other piss off whichever God he doesn’t choose.

Tails never fails!


Obverse! No … wait … reverse.

Too many choices, hurts my head.

IOW, didn’t vote 'cause I gots no preference.

I’m making a prediction. The poll will end up 50/50! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whichever is down on their thumb before the flip.


You’re welcome.

Heh. But for real, I’m surprised it’s not weighted MORE heavily in favor of “heads,” and suspect that standard Doper ornery perversity is to blame. I almost always hear people call “heads,” and have long figured that owning a double-tailed coin instead of a double-headed coin would therefore be the way to cheat.

Tails. Less likely to be misheard.

How about heaaaadyTAILS or taiiiiiiiilyHEADS!

Heads. It just feels luckier somehow.

I always pick tails because the coins in my country mostly have animals on the tails’ side.

Spoken rapidly: “Heads I win, tails you loose.”

Didn’t vote in the poll - I call “heads” if the toss goes high enough to land on someone’s head, and “tails” if not.

Handgun ---- beats all three. Dynamite is good too.