A Computer Mouse By Any Other Name

What do you think that gadget we all use with our computers might have been called it it hadn’t been called it a “mouse”?

Pointer, controller.

You can see why a one word name like “mouse” came about.

puck has also been used.

The current version of the basic computer course at my local community college still claims that a wireless mouse can be called a hamster.

It was called a “mouse” by Doug Englebart during “The Mother of All Demos” in 1968. See Clip 12:



  • and widget lost yet another chance to become a clearly tangible item.

Dexterociter! Brought to you in Clickorama!

“That other thing you have in your hand when you’re surfing the internet”. :wink:

The goooey ? lol


Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.

“The Device”

Clicker? Paddle? Pointer? Remote?

I’d probably go with clicker, although for some reason we called the TV remote in our house the “dink”, so a mouse might have been known as the “PC dink”.

a rat.

Remote. Or possibly slider.