A confession I have to make (Man, this is going to be tough)

It’s not easy for me to say this, but lately I’ve been having some thoughts that somewhat repudiate the type of person I thought I was. I’m not yet comfortable with these thoughts, but I know I’m going to have to accept them eventually. In an effort to do so, I thought I would share them with my friends at the SDMB. I know many of you will be shocked, and even ashamed of me, but I think it’s best that I come out and say what I’m thinking rather than keep it all bottled up. I know I’m just beating around the bush now, so I’m going to just go ahead and say it.


::Deep breath::

OK, here goes.
[sub]I thought Britney Spears sounded good singing her part of “Walk This Way” in the SuperBowl halftime show.[/sub]

There. I said it. It’s out there, and I can’t take it back. She had a deep, husky sound that I liked. In fact, if Britney Spears switched over from that pop, hip-hop, teeny-bopper crap that she sings to something harder or more bluesy, I might actually listen to her voluntarily, and – dare I say – buy her CDs.

I know. I’m a dirty, dirty person. Go ahead. Flame me. Laugh at me. Make me write bad checks. Do what you will. But keep in mind that there is a living, flesh-and-blood human being typing this who has just shared a deep, dark secret and just needs to be held now.

You’ve admitted the problem that was the first step. Now all we need to do is get you into therapy and see if they can’t help you out. All sorts of people go through this kind of thing. No one is going to flame you well actually maybe they will but they aren’t the ones that will try to help you out.

Hehe just teasing actually so what if you like Britney Spears? I mean it’s your musical taste and scew other people if they want to diss on it. :smiley:

I didn’t really think about it until now, but…

She did sound pretty good…and she looked even better!
I guess I was too busy oggling her and wondering if
she was wearing a thong or nothing at all underneath…
Very very sexy lady… Not sure what was up with the arm
sock, but still…Hummina hummina hummina…

Bi the way…she IS 18 now isn’t she??

Oops…I did it again…

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe I’d just had too many Negras Modelos by halftime. Yeah, that must be it.

Stain, you sure that you really enjoyed her singing? I don’t know if she’s a good singer or not because everytime i see her on TV there seems to be a marked loss of blood to certain areas of the brain. Do you suppose that had any effect on these seemingly irrational thoughts you’re battling?

Having already desecrated “Satisfaction” on her album and with “Walk This Way” under her belt, I wonder how many other classic rock songs she has on her list of targets? What kind of ransom do you think she could charge Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Cream and countless other bands to agree NOT to sing their songs?

Omni has a good point too. The whole time I was watching her, I had this urge to “num” them, if you know what I mean.

You know, she may have been good. N’Sync may have been good. I wouldn’t know because the minute they showed up on the TV, my sister and her boyfriend started shouting at the TV that Britney sucks, N’Sync sucks, and that generally anyone under the age of 20 that has a recording contract sucks.

So I’m glad you enjoyed it. I could barely hear a thing. :slight_smile:

Brittney was OK. She looked slutty hot, which is all I expected of her anyway. Her voice was good, but, I don’t know whether she was hopped up on goofballs, just dazed to be in the Superbowl, or this is normal for her, but the girl can’t dance. Her choreography sucked. It almost seemed as if she was smashing into other people on stage because she forgot what she was supposed to be doing.

Anyway, this is the first halftime show I’ve watched in years. And I only watched it because I was trapped in between 12 year olds who wanted to see N Sync and I couldn’t change the channel. I swear.

I was disappointed by Britney’s performance in the half time show. In keeping with her recent televised appearances, I figured she’d at least do a pole dance.

You mean people don’t ALL hit the mute button when she appears onscreen?

(OK, I don’t change CHANNELS, but…)

I can picture Britney carrying away two suitcases of Benjamins and softly singing “In a white room, with black curtains…”

Best comment overheard from a man in a Giants jersey leaving a bar after the Superbowl: “Man, the good thing about that Superbowl was Britney’s A**!”

At first, everyone at my table was wondering what on earth made Aerosmith agree to perform on stage with those teenyboppers. Then, when we saw Britney snuggle up to Steven Tyler at the mic, and we saw the light. It was a light that made us say “Ewww.” How old is she? Is that even legal?

I, too, was confused by the arm sock. And I swear by all that is holy, when she shoved Steven Tyler in that “sexy” way of hers, I wanted to slap her… you don’t do that to Steven, you little tart!

I actually did like the halftime show. A lot. That’s my own deep dark confession. Oh, that, and I thought the Backstreet Boys did a great job with the anthem. That, perhaps, is deeper and darker. But I’d forgotten Britney was performing, and when she popped up on screen the first thing I thought was, “Hey, I didn’t know Christina Aguilera was on!” I know people have joked before about them being eerily similar, but it’s gone too far. I think there must have been some freak accident and they’ve become some melded Bristina creature.

Didn’t Aerosmith have a song called “Jailbait?”

Oh my god, I just choked on my beer! (And it flying out the nose is NOT recommended) TOO funny Rosebud! Thanks for typing what I didn’t know I had thought!

My favorite part of the halftime show was Ben Stiller’s line after seeing N’Syncs choreography:

“Ok. That N’Sucked.”

I swear to God I laughed my balls off. I think one of them is still under the couch.

I saw it while I was peeping…it rolled under the loveseat, Crunchy…and don’t mind the spit on it…I’m sure it’ll be godd as new once ya rinse it off :stuck_out_tongue:

“Good as new” too…damned beer, damned whiskey, damned fingers, “TYPE WHAT I MEAN!!!”

(If there are any other typos…sorry and spank me)