A conspiracy amoungst barbers??

So I needed a haircut a couple months ago. Never have been too picky about who gets the job. Never had much problem getting a decent, no frills trim. So a couple months ago I was on my way to Duke and figured I would find a barber shop along the way for a quick trim. I cut through the downtown section of a town along the way and spotted the barber pole on main street. Parked my wheels and bee bopped across the street and strolled into the barber shop. Just a few paces inside, I noticed first that everyone was looking at me. Next, I noticed that I was the only white guy in the joint. No problem. These guys are barbers right? Hair is hair right? So I waited for one of the barbers to free up and hopped into the chair. I am not going to sugar coat this. This guy mutilated me. Shaved off both my side burns with out so much as asking if I wanted to keep them. On the way to my car I ran my fingers through my hair and was agahst. There was a place the size of a silver dollar on the crown of my head that was whacked down to prickly peach fuzz. I was laughing all the way to Durham. My girlfriend thought it was kinda funny too and offered the same advice that I had already given myself, it’s just hair. It will grow back.
Fast forward two months>>>>>>>
I go into another barber shop after the fuzz on my crown has grown out enough to maybe mold something out of it. I related the story to the white barber about the black barber who had last cut my hair. Here is the conspiracy given me by the barber himself. As a white barber in a white barber shop, I have customers who would object to sitting in the chair after a black man. The black barber is in the same boat. You were bad for his business so he gave you a haircut that will assure that you never return. He tells me that this is a common practice amoung white and black barbers. Any barbers out there?


My cat’s breath smells like cat food…

I think you can get stuff for his breath at the pet store.

It could have been worse. You might have strayed into an Orthodox Jewish barber shop. Instead of mutilated sideburns, you could have wound up with long, curly pais and been mistaken for an Hassidic scholar.

or worse yet, been circumcized :eek:

as to the OP - There’s no debate, unless he wants to submit before and after pictures, so we can determine if it was indeed a ‘bad haircut’.

He he he. That would be funny


Already been cicumcized dude. Sorry, no pictures. Only the laughter of a couple dozen friends, family members and a couple post whack job barbers.

Hmmmm…seems like i do remember some old photos of the circumcizision though…

that be dudette.

Dudette. Rescinding offer to check out my circumcizion.

When I worked in San Jose I would regularly go to a “black” barber shop, black barbaer and customers, and if the haircut was bad, I didn’t notice, and no one said anything. And I’m very pale.

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I don’t really see the debate here.

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