A couple of classic Bogart movies on TCM tonight

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is showing two classic Humphrey Bogart movies tonight.

First up is Casablanca (1942) at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard time. Starring Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Round up the usual suspects.

Second is The African Queen (1951)with Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. This is the only movie for which Bogart has won an Academy Award. It’s on at 10:00.

TCM, for those not familiar with it, is a basic cable network that shows movies with no commercial interruptions.

It is indeed a great channel. I remember seeing something on AMC last week without commercials.

It’s not basic in Seattle.

Hmm, ignorance fought. Apparently my cable company is one of the few that has not moved it to the digital tier. Here, we have it on channel 53. It used to be on basic cable nearly everywhere. I guess that is no longer the case.

My apologies.

It is in a satellite package in my case.

This is always the time for high-profile titles, with its annual “31 Days of Oscar” series. Next Thursday (2/24) has back to back The Fallen Idol, The Third Man, The Magnificent Ambersons and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, four of the finest films of the 40s.

The Third Man, one of my favorite movies.
(Zither, if you watch that movie, and have a question about it, the answer is zither).

I saw it once. A great performance by Orson Welles. I’ll watch it again, thanks!

The Third Man, definitely a hugely awesome movie and one of my faves. Makes you never want to waste your time watching a movie filmed in color ever again. And I’ve never looked at a cuckoo clock the same way ever since!