A Couple Of Personal Questions.

Just out of curiosity;

  1. Who is the oldest Doper? Or, how old are you? ( I’m relying on honesty here, but I think I’m in a good place to expect it.)
  2. How many other forums do you post on?

Here’s my answers;

26, 1

  1. 39
  2. 1

3 years ago, the answer to oldest doper was Klondike Geoff at 78 then. I think he still holds the record here.

  1. 46
  2. 2

age: 34
other boards: 2 (rec.games.roguelike.nethack, and, very rarely, an early perfume board)

There are (or at least there has been) posters older than 80.

Right, that’s it. I’m aiming for 90 then! :slight_smile:

Although at the time, I believe that the dearly departed David Simmons was actually older; he just didn’t show up in the thread.

As far as I know, KlondikeGeoff is now truly the oldest doper, unless someone speaks up to displace him.

65, but I have reason to believe that at this time next year I will be 66. And how many of you could truthfully say that?

46, 1

I’m 27.

I lurk on 2 other forums occasionally but I doubt I’ve made more than 1,500 posts on every other forum I’ve ever visited in my life combined, compared to however many thousands I’ve made here.

30…also on a couple radio show message boards.

Hijack…anybody remember a poster named Ol Eze or something like that? I don’t think he ever came out and said how old he was, but I surmised he was pushing 90.

46 (As of a few days ago. :wink: )
I don’t post on any other forums. Have you read other forums? The spelling and grammar is enough to keep me away for life.

I have occasionally posted comments on a couple of national news outlets here in Canada: even there the level of ignorance is astounding. I’m not claiming superiority or omnipotence, but this forum has taught me that if you’re going to make claims, then be prepared to back them up. (And do so with correct spelling and grammar. Jeesh!)

62, 0

41, just one other one. And they piss me off with their inability to discuss anything except flirting properly.

45, 2. I occasionally post on MacRumors or UrbanToronto.

Here’s a chart of ages I made based on the last age thread: Dopers’ ages as of 10/28/07

Maybe I can update it with this newer information in this thread.

32, 0

52, 0

  1. 47
  2. I don’t know if this counts but I used to be ( for more than 8 years) a notorius (well loved by many, hated by the ignorant) poster on Yahoo’s Religion #1 chatroom… go there today and mention my name if you don’t believe me. Eventually it became over run by trolls, and became useless… At one time, for a brief period, it was a forum of wit, intellegence and beating up fundamentalist lunatics for sport.