A couple quick Hostel questions (open spoilers)

Was it coincidence that the businessman/wannabe surgeon ended up with Josh, or are we meant to believe that he put in a “special order” for him?

Also, I noticed that Hostel’s IMDB entry lists Takashi Miike’s as a totally unnamed character. Was he the “Be careful…you could spend all your money in there” guy?

  1. I assumed it was coincidence, but now that I think about it, in the world of the movie he may have known (hey, if the mole-lipped guy from Amsterdam could contact these people easily, then why not?). That would mean, though, that he was some sort of frequent customer with special privileges, rather than someone who just went once and met their victim upon arrival. (But then again, didn’t he pull the whole Ed Saladfingers bit while on his way home, as well? Maybe he’s just an all around weirdo. And what was the ‘chicken’ anyway?)

  2. Yep