A-courtin' we will go - Female advice needed

Am I really the only woman who thinks the poem is a wonderful idea? A full-on, old-fashioned romantic gesture - it’d melt my heart. Men should woo women. There’s not enough woo-ing in the world.

I’d be kind of creeped out by a poem, I think – but if it was from a guy I liked, maybe not.

I think Ellis Dee is right: If she likes you, whatever you do will be fine – if not, you’re not going to change her mind.

I knew a guy once who tried to woo a girl with poetry…

Problem was, he was this short, freaky guy who looked like a Viking Dave Mustaine. He worshipped Odin and practiced rune magic.

He wrote the love poem in runic.

Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed…

Poem is the cowards way, dude, and you know it. Here’s one that worked 20 years ago and whether you’re shy or not. Invite her to lead you into it:

“Err . . . <shuffle yer feat, scratch your head>
“What ?
Well . . . <shuffle yer feat, scratch your head>
Well what . . ?
Its kinda personal . . <look forlorn>
Okay . .
Is that okay . . . <look helpless>
Yes, I’m listening . .
Well, I was kinda wondering . . .
<now, if she does the coy, girlie thing right here - in for the kill!>
If she doesn’t, um and arr a bit and if there’s no girlie stuff happening ask for help with . . . decorating your room!

Btw, closure is the “Would you mind if I kissed you” thing, but only after the coy thing from her - from ther coy thing, you’re onto a dead cert anyway.

  • if she doesn’t lead you in and, say, changes the subject: ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION!