A coworker just kissed me on top of my head

That was totally unexpected. :confused:

I work next door to three great guys, who’ve been in the same business I have for a very very long time. Two of these guys are 78 years old and one is 70 years old. I do a lot of subcontracting for their company - that’s why I rent this office space.

Anyway, we always say good bye at the end of the day to each other, but today, for some reason, one of the guys decided to give me a hug, too, when he left. Since I was sitting down and he was standing up I guess it seemed natural to him to give me a kiss on top of the head.

But that was weird.

Kinda reminded me of the time monstro posted about someone rubbing (or patting?) her hair, but that time the person claimed it was for good luck (if she had punched him out he wouldn’t think it was good luck would he? :stuck_out_tongue: ).

When the mind starts slowing, you do things that you wouldn’t normaly do because the brain doesn’t say that’s improper until after your subconscious actions have done it. A few seconds later you think shit I shouldn’t have done that, or you don’t even realize you did it because your thinking about something else and the previous thought is gone. Of course I don’t know the state of these peoples minds, but their age makes this suspected.:slight_smile:

Tony Soprano was always kissing people on the top of their heads. It was a sign of affection, except when it was the kiss of Judas.


HD: you mean he doesn’t have a Secret Crush on me?? Darn!

PunditLisa: how do you know the difference? :eek:

Another vote for an accidental usage.

  1. Maybe when he says goodbye to his wife, he kisses her on the head. Today, he was tired when he was leaving, and accidentally hugged you and kissed you like he would if he was at home.

    You know, kind of like when you’re hanging up on the phone, and you say “Love you!” to the person on the other end? ::grin::

  2. Maybe he’d been with his grandkids, and just got in the habit over the weekend.

    You know, like when your boss of 12 years assigns you something to do, and you answer him with “Yes, dear”. Accidentally.

(and yeah… it takes YEARS to live those down).

I would think that getting shot afterward was a pretty good hint.

Oh God, I did something similar to this. I was sort of friends with this one woman at work, and when we were all leaving one night, I told her and her husband (who I really didn’t know all that well) that I loved them. They didn’t say anything, though, so maybe they didn’t hear me.

Nope, they just didn’t say anything at the time. They giggled about it on the way home and then ran to their computers where they posted about it on a large public message board.

(That’s what I think they did anyway) :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, for some reason this reminds me of the time I accidentaly dialed a coworker on my phone at about 1am.

At the time this happened I was reading an email that was piss’n me off. To which I kept saying aloud. “You’re a fuck’n asshole!” repeatedly.

When I finished with my tyraid, I could hear a faint voice on my phone saying “why are you calling me an asshole?” I got so freaked out I just hung up the phone.

I got a new cell phone with a touchscreen recently. I estimate I’ve “pocket-called” about eight people so far. (You know, where the act of transferring the phone in and out of your pocket calls someone. :smiley: ) The most recent one was a friend who texted me about it to give me grief… I still haven’t been brave enough to ask if he heard me singing along to Melissa Etheridge in the car while the call was engaged.

Tough one, that. I’ve set my Tréo so that the touch screen is disabled during calls. I kept putting it into my pocket and hanging up, OR having my thigh dial people. Either way, mighty embarassing !

I kissed the kids’ Pediatrician on the top of the head once. It was a gesture of serious concern, her newborn had been dropped on his head and I saw them at the hospital. Still, kinda weird but it was an instinctive response and she was appreciative. Kid was fine.

I called my 4th grade teacher “Mom” at least once in front of the class. Hooooo boy. :smiley:


Wow. I am sure these things happen, but I think I would be tempted to change pediatricians at that point. I mean, if it were a GP whose kid was dropped on its head…but a pediatrician? Yeh, I am sure your is a great one, but…

I once called my boss “Dad”. That was really out of the blue.

Did you check for gum?

Win. Close the thread.

A coworker just kissed me on top of my head
Count yourself lucky. I have had, on average, one co-worker a year at my present place of employment lick my head. Five and counting. My favourite reason given is “I was just checking to see if you were hallucinogenic, like those toads”.

If all of my other jobs hadn’t been like this, I would really think I need another job.

:eek: Oh gosh. Their daycare provider- been with the family since their first child, an adult with excellent First Aid training, responsible, etc… that is who dropped her child. She was at the office being a Dr. They did not fire the provider. It was, thankfully, an accident with zero long-term results.

The mom/doc? She rocks.

A group of my friends have a ritual called “poison checking” that is performed on new visitors to the weekly barbecue/party. They gather a group of girls around the victim^H^H^H^H^H^Hnew person, and then all together, they lick the person’s face.

Holy shite. You could not pay me to lick some stranger’s face. :eek:

Please don’t lick me! I think I’d run away screaming forever if a bunch of new friends all licked me at once.

I have had people kiss me on the top of the head. It happens.
The best was once when a really cute coworker went to kiss me on the cheek; I wasn’t paying attention, and kind of turned my head…and he kissed me on my neck - which happens to be fairly sensitive. I walked away with shivers from that one.