A crass query re: seeing eye dogs

My husband and I went for a walk yesterday, enjoying a treat of mint chocolate chip ice cream, when we encountered a sign tacked to someone’s tree:

If we see any dogs, other than seeing eye dogs on our property at any time, we will call the police

Assuming they were wary of abandoned poop, and being a defensive, responsible dog owner, I snorted and said, “I got news for ya, you old bat, seeing eye dogs poop, too”

My husband, ever the quiet, stoic, Hobbes to my Calvin said,

“But how do the blind people know to pick it up?”

MY GOD! How DO blind people know:

  1. Their dog is pooping.

b. Their dog is finished pooping (since my beagle will sometimes catch a scent trail and walk away with a turd half out of her butt)


III. Where the poop is to pick it up?

Do the dogs give a signal or something? Left Behind Crap carries a hefty fine in Chicago if someone cares to ticket you for it.


It’s called training.

Seeing-eye dogs poop when they’re told to, and they stay by it until the owner picks it up.

I guess that’s pretty explanatory. My dog poops on command as well, but sometimes it’s a project to pick it up.


'vcourse, without my glasses, I have to feel around for my glasses and other things. I don’t want to get a visual on the seeing eye dogs.

too late.