That’s right, hello by the way, I, Daniel James (or nocturnal_tick for some) am jumping out of a plane some time within the next two months. But I need money to bribe a pilot and perhaps buy a parachute. Oh yeah there’ll be some money for charity as well…

Just to clear up, this has already been cleared by the Mods to do (thanks guys and a special thanks to Skip)

The charity in this case is the Everyman campaign, set up by the Institute of Cancer Research to raise awareness of male cancers (particularly testicular and prostate cancer) and to fund vital research within the UK’s first dedicated male cancer research centre - the everyman centre.

More information can be found at the following websites:


And now for the grovelling…

I need to raise £350 for the jump. I am working to raise at least £500. If I could make a grand, well that would be amazing. To help with the donations I have a website set up through ICR which I and my lovely girlfriend have donated to just to show you how easy and safe it is.

le website: Daniel James is fundraising for The Institute of Cancer Research & Everyman

So please give as little or as much as you can. I don’t know why I am doing this. But it’s too late to turn back now.

Thank you very, very much on behalf of me, Everyman and the ICR.

Daniel :slight_smile:

p.s. Any queries let me know.

Hey, I’ll donate, but I’m scared of the weird ‘L’ symbol where the dollar sign should be. Do you think there will be a problem with my American money?

I don’t think that’s a good idea, having a parachute on your first jump. Parachutes have been known to fail, and I think you should avoid that risk by not having one on your first jump.


Not to piss on your parade or anything Dan, but are you sure £350 is enough to even cover the cost of the jump? It’s expensive stuff.

Not to worry, AngelicGemma, I’m sure they’ll give him the discount parachute. :smiley:

Yeah, it’ll be ‘pre-owned’, only worn once and never used. … Extra discount becuase of the red stains they couldn’t get out.

What? The former owner tripped over a bucket of red paint, sprained his ankle and decided against jumping. If you were thinking something else, then shame on you. There’s no need to scare nocturnal_tick any more than he already is.

I hope not. Us Brits and our crazy money.

That’s true. I’m thinking several pigeons and some string. It would be very impressive. Or maybe balloons.

Wow, you sure know how to encourage people. You should be a cheerleader. :stuck_out_tongue: For that I’m expecting a very generous donation.
And as for the rest of you well you can joke all you like and tell me all the ways it could go wrong. You can tell me the statistics and how likely I’m going to die. You can tell me of the excruciating pain if I don’t die instantly from the fall…
…what was I saying?

I just tried to send you $$, but it doesn’t take paypal. I instead give you my best wishes.

OK, you got my donation–will there be pictures? With or without a parachute?

Thank you so much. There will be pictures definitely.

Thank you anyway Ginger. Best wishes always help.

Done and done. Good luck, nocturnal_tick!

Oh that’s just great! Who am I going to get to cover his part of the rent? :smiley:

Sorry but if I’m giving money, I want to make sure I get to see you jump out of a plane. :stuck_out_tongue:

bumpity bump

Thank you. :smiley: