A Cumulative Update For Win7

I want to re-install Win7 on my laptop which is old. I got it just as Win7 just came out.

I bought a new SSD and would like to reinstall the whole O/S rather than just cloning it as, I thought a clean install and “start over” would be nice, as thorugh the years I’ve accumulated “junk” on the old hard drive.

So here is my question: If I reinstall Win7 then of course, it will install and then the Windows Update will take over and make me install updates, then the computer will restart and it will install and do more updates and the cycle will repeat a lot.

Is there any sort of cumulative Win7 update or patch that will have all the updates in one place, so I can just download than and update the entire Win7 in one shot, rather than go through the constant updates.

I have Win10 on another computer and it’s OK but I’m not that fond of it, besides some of my games will not play on Win10, so I’d rather not upgrade this computer.


I had a similar issue when trying to rebuild a PC running XP years ago and in those days I think you had to go through the dozen or so updates… at least I had to, and it was pretty painful and time consuming. I would hope that things would have improved by now, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Depending on the setup of your laptop you have several options:

  • Cloning, then continue to use it the way you did

  • Cloning and then doing a factory restoring/reset via the build in reset functions

  • Install on the SSD via CD/DVD from scratch - just be aware, that you’ll need to have the drivers ready

There is no problem updating your first version of Windows 7 - once it connects to the internet

This is how I usually do it, but it fails to save me the long tedium of going through update cycles.

You could grab the Windows 7, SP1 ISO file from online web sites. Burn it to a DVD. Then use it to install. At the very least, you will be starting from Service Pack One, and not a bare bones.

This is the third thread here recently along these lines. If you are kinda techy, try slipstreaming.

The factory reset is not an option when installing a new HDD.

Presuming you have a legit Windows 7 key, go here, type in your product key, and download the latest, greatest version of Windows 7, direct from Microsoft. Totally legit.

After rebuilding a Win7 laptop for someone and seeing how long and tedious it was to install all the updates (Windows 7 installed in 20 minutes, but the 200+ updates took a day and a half*!*) I decided to give slipstreaming a try.

I’m pretty techie so I didn’t have any trouble following the instructions for downloading and building the updated image. However, even though I used the most recent version of the slipstreaming program, and chose all the current Win7 updates, and the iso file it eventually built was 2GB larger than my regular Win7 iso, when I finished installing and ran Windows Update for the first time it still needed 160 updates! Less than 200+, but not nearly the shortcut I was expecting, especially considering downloading the update packages and building the image file took many extra hours too. I realize that I only had to do all that once, but I was still expecting it to need much, much fewer updates.

As to the OP, the only way to install with the updates included is the aforementioned slipstreaming. Don’t know if I made a mistake, but it only included about 50 of the updates in the install.

It is, if you clone the old HDD to the new HDD.