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What’s the deal with magazines’ dates? I just remembered something I saw in the last issue of PC MAGAZINE and reached over to pick it up. I glanced at the date, November 2, 1999, and thought this must be it until I noticed it was lying on top of the Nevember 16, 1999 issue. Were all used to magazines being postdated, but it’s not even Nov. 2 yet! What method drives this madness?

The date on a magazine is the date it is supposed to be removed from sale and sent back to the publisher as unsold.

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That’s what I had thought, but the example above doesn’t really fit that scheme well. I received my Nov. 16 issue on Oct. 22, the better part of two weeks prior to the Nov. 2 issues “expiration” date.

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Think that’s nothing. Look at speciality mags.

I’ve purchased an animation magazine this summer (August), it was dated for the winter (Winter '99), and had articles from the previous winter (about the making of “The Iron Giant”). They were hoping it would do well in the theatres.

It’s cool to be black in America. You get all this extra attention from sales people in fancy stores.
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It is so that when you go into the store, you won’t realize that the magazine is 29 days old and a new one will come in the next day.

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Or it’s to convince us that doctors and dentists have actual current magazines in the waiting room.