A damned Disney Movie!

A kangaroo escaped a German zoo with the help of a fox and a boar…

Well, three kangaroos. Two have been recaptured. The last one needs to get away to the animal refuge underneath the city, where he will meet a large motley group of animals(including a foxy lady kangaroo who grew up on the streets), and go back to free his friends.

Edit: also, the fox and the boar were part of a heist meant to steal the zoo warden’s prized diamond dog collar. But their boss, Wrexy the pitt-bull, betrayed them as soon as they got him the collar. So now, they have to get the collar back, since the warden will sell and/or kill all of the kangaroo’s zoo freinds if the collar isn’t found, since it was collateral on keeping the zoo open, and he won’t be able to afford to keep it open without it. Goodness, this plot’s getting good!

I see this as a comeback role for Paul Hogan as the part of the kangaroo. Joe Pantaliano can be the Wild Boar, but Danny de Vito will probably get it. A few years ago Anne Hathaway would have been the shoo-in for the fox, but she probably considers voice work below her now, so they’ll need someone else.

She’s still a fox.

I’m just sayin’ …

Good one Skippy.


Wait, “Tree-kangaroo” ? WTF izzat?


I laughed out loud at this. Can’t wait for the film!

Yer joking, right? I just Googled some pictures, since I didn’t recognize the name. She’s almost 20 years younger than me, and she looks more plastic than a Barbi doll.