A day in the life of Eutychus55 and Unclebeer

You guys always seem to be here and on top of every situation so give us a run down of your day. Do you spend every waking moment here?( not trying to say that you both don’t have life :)) I was just wondering how one of your days might go. So give us a day in the life of Eutychus55 and Unclebeer. It would be a great way for us to get to know our moderators better.



aha will cheerfully give you a nickle for the information. (Don’t ask where it’s been.)

I’ve noticed that a day in the life of those two is more like a weekday in the life. They seem to reserve most of their weekends for RL activities.

How dast they have real lives??? Every waking moment should be spent here! I suppose they probably must have paying jobs somewhere, though, and actual, physically present people in their lives…

Inquiring minds want to know.


I have it on authority that they often spend their free time posing for Playgirl and feeding the hungry, when not mounting massive take overs on businesses like Microsoft.

How they find the time to do all that and move threads here, I’ll never know…


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People here have lives away from the message board? Wow.

Hi, Eutychus! :slight_smile:

Hi, UncleBeer! :slight_smile:


Come on, are you really going to leave us hanging, not knowing what a day in your lives is really like? While we’re on the edges of our seats begging for so much as a word?
Alright so I’m not all that advanced as a drama student but hey, it might work.





(flup is a scientifically proven sound)
mother flupper

Euty and Unc, you guys are mean!

I like that.


I thought flup was the stuff that comes out of spillpipe.

Flup. Malodorous flup.

Ok so you guys work for the secret service is that it? Why didn’t you tell us? I know because you would have to kill us.

No. But it is so secret that if I did tell you I’d have to kill myself.

Well hell just tell us what happens after breakfast. That’s the safest part of the day. Nothing untowards goes on just after breakfast.