A delicious image of Trump shopped with a naughty carrot

Site in spoiler is NSFW!

I got sent it in an email and Google Image Search threw up the above source. Allegedly it’s also on Reddit but that isn’t working for me.

For those uncertain about clicking: This is a photo of the DonnieT with his legs and pants replaced by a photo of a bifurcated carrot. The carrot also has stumpy uncircumcised “penis”.

The interesting parts are that the penis is well modeled, and the legs are insultingly lumpy and orange. The photoshopping is okay.

The so-so parts: It’s not an interesting photo of Trump. He isn’t very orange in the photo — kinds pale in fact. The image doesn’t say anything beyond here’s an interesting carrot — and the U.S. president is overweight and sometimes a bit orangey and sometimes sexually crude.

I’d say you should click if you’re interested in seeing a carrot that looks like thighs and a stumpy uncircumcised penis.

Ahem. In my description above, replace “uncircumcised” with “circumcised.”

It *does *match Stormy Daniels description.

Quality content from, eh, a sex-worker review and advertising message board? I get that sort of stuff randomly emailed to me all the time too!