A Different SDMB

I’ve been gone awhile and hence not quite the active participant in this board; upon returning I’ve found that the feel of the community (for lack of a better term) is a bit different, and I’m not too sure I care for it so much.

Now, normally I would assume that hey, 3 years of experiences will change anyone’s outlook on anything, but I can distinctly recall when I first noticed this particular feel seeping into the board, which would be about the same time I became disgusted with the media and consequently any sort of pop culture medium. Unfortunately, that particular time would be around early fall 2001.

I suppose the purpose of this post is to ask the older folk: is this just another phase of easing into my mid-20’s, or has the SDMB truly become the changed environment that I percieve? No flames, please: I’ve started this discussion out of curiousity, not malice.

There is a significant difference in the board that has transpired over the four years I’ve been here. But it encompasses a wide variety of elements, some good and some bad in my opinion (and others will have different evaluations of the elements than I).

Perhaps you might elaborate about how you see the board as having changed – it might provoke more discussion.

Yes, teppei, the Board has changed. As has the rest of life.

As regards the Board, the bulk of its history has transpired in the last three years. And the bulk of its membership has come along during that time. We’ve had significant events, rule changes and a shift in the membership.

There are new members appearing at a brisk clip, and some (groups) of older members have wandered to more Walden-like Ponds. The Internet changes by the minute and three years ago the WTC still stood. Four and a half years ago, when I joined the Board, my life was very different.

I was initially tempted to comment that you note you’re in your mid-20s, and three years in that neighborhood tends to see a lot of change. On reflection, though, methinks the changes just keep comin’.

There’re a lot of us who are still here teppei. Welcome back, good to see you!

I think they’re different somehow too. I find it a lot harder to post to threads now. I don’t know. Maybe it felt more welcoming before or something… But back in the day, I posted to almost everything I read. Now I seem to be reading and closing more threads without replying. Like I get an “Im not part of this conversation” feeling or something…
I haven’t been around for quite some time and I just started posting again recently. And since I completely destroyed my life a month ago, I’ve been on here none stop the last four weeks. Like probably 12 hours a day MIN! But you can’t tell cause I’m not posting much . . .

So, what’s the story Bear? I hope you’re OK.

Physically OK. Thanks for the concern. Ive been thinking of posting about it. Probably will soon actually. Havent been much in the mood to talk about it at all. Among other things, it’s pretty humiliating.

If I can put the whole thing to words, maybe I’ll tell the story tomorrow or something. Maybe… like I said, it’s pretty humiliating. I don’t want to be the person I am right now. I dont want to be known by who I am right now, if that makes sense. Im pretty ashamed of myself. I let down just about everyone I can think of… oh, including my country. You try doing all that in just one night.

thank you-that’s to everyone. I’ll make a more suitable reply when I have the time (sometime in the next 3 years, ha ha).