A direct quote from Giraffe's (mod) profile page:

How can you tell if a pleasuring device is female or male? Pink and blue?

Good news! An old friend of yours is back on the boards! :slight_smile:

Spartydog, you started three Palin kid-related Pit threads in the last week. Doesn’t that seem like a little much?

Say what?

To whom are you referring, if I may ask?

I’m guessing Sarah Palin. With McCain as the pimp.

Keep in mind that leaving public messages on profiles is a new feature in the update. It doesn’t notify us by email (as PMs can do) so really we have no idea if it’s done.

Anything that requires a response should be done by PM or email. I can’t say I respond to every reported post, but, anyone who asks a question or asks for feedback gets a response (though it may take a day or two depending on my RL circumstances at that time).

I just noticed I’ve had one sitting there since Tuesday. :smack:

I should have added that some I have not dealt with- such as yourself and Invisible Wombat.

However others simply do not respond.

It is tougher to get to the PM feature currently then it was before the upgrade. It might prove handy for people to add the link to favorites or make a shortcut. The link: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/private.php?do=newpm

The VMs are only partially working and viewable by everyone, they are more blog style messages and not PMs at all.

I don’t know as we’re friends, but Giraffe and I are friendly. Or maybe I’d like to be friends. Or something. I believe strongly in sucking up to those in power AND prehensile tongues. A girl has to look out for herself.
Anyway, pointing out that so and so doesn’t have any “friends” on a message board just doesn’t hold the same heat as yelling it on the playground. You might try finding a playground and proclaiming it there–see what happens and then let us know.

You’re absolutely correct, it’s the Pit. But how about showing a little respect for all the members who read or post here? This is the venue that presumably is designated for original rants or flames. If everyone took a page from your or Reeder’s playbook and started using the BBQ Pit like a personal weblog - this forium would become more unreadable than clicking the <<next random page>> link on Blogger. Dumping links from sources such at Daily Kos, Free Republic or whatever partisan outlet you care to name – and then tacking on a short blurb thaty summarizes said link – would result in this forum losing whatever readability it still has.

The problem is, you don’t have a valid beef to PM about.

  1. You have this thread, which is a misunderstanding on how to PM a mod. It could’ve worked better in ATMB if you’d avoided the ‘no friends’ angle.
  2. You have this 4 day old pile of shit. It doesn’t come close to resembling a rant & found a nice home in Cafe Society or the Mini Rant thread.
  3. Then you have three Sarah Palin threads. For all intents and purposes, they’re identical.
    a. They span 6 days
    b. They start with a a link - and a boring, poorly written OP
    c.They end with a moderator warning saying ‘enough with the multiple Palin-spotting threads’

From an outside observer’s vantage point, you really don’t have anything to bitch about privately.

I dunno the thread you’re referring to, but it’s a fairly safe bet that if a pit thread drops to page #3 such a short time frame, the odds are it was a piece of shit that deserved to sink like a stone. As a rule, try to avoid hogging up so much prime forum real estate with these poorly conceived, unsightly, stinky, little outhouses.

What’s interesting about this new feature is that these messages are not private at all. I can go over and read **Sparty’s **message to **Giraffe **just fine by clicking on **Giraffe’s **name. I assume that anyone else can do the same.

Correct, they are not private and not meant to be. From the FAQ:

The VMs work in Google Chrome and Firefox apparently and not in IE6 or 7 from what I can tell. I am not sure what there use will end up being.

The general rule is three months, unless it’s the Café where it could be three years as long something meaningful is added.

Points are for the weak. Real men don’t need points; we have shotguns.

I’ll take Giraffe and give 7 1/2 points.

Yeah, like I’m going to fight fair. :dubious:

Unfortunately the judge says I have to stay at least two forums away from her or else my ankle bracelet gives me a shock.

I think there is an exception for updates. Like if someone posted their cat was sick, and came back several months later to mention a full recovery.

I am also real fucking tired of Palin threads. McCain was very smart in picking such a great lightning rod for his bucket of warm spit. And many of you fell for it.

Not to mention, I hate defending her, but I also am a Charter Member in the Fight versus Ignorance. :stuck_out_tongue:

We decided to bump it up to six months in MPSIMS and the world has not collapsed, although who knows what will happen when someone bumps a zombie Large Hadron Collider thread.

I’m worried that if the VP bashing continues, we’re going to get demoted to “More Palin Stuff I Must Share.”