A Disgusting Thing From Work--not for those with weak stomachs

I work as a veternary assistant/receptionist at a local animal hospital. I absolutely love my job. Most pet owners will call in as soon as they notice a problem with their animal. If there is an emergency after hours, the office will stay open late or have a doctor make a house call. If the emergency happens within office hours, we will reschedule less critical patients or have people wait. (Definition of emergency–bleeding, open wounds, abcesses, broken bones, fainting or passing out, poisioning, loss of balance–there are probably a few other cases in there that qualify as well.) With all of this in mind, I’ll begin telling what I saw.

Yesterday, Tuesday, a lady calls in, wanting to schedule an appointment. She had brought pets to the office in the past, but not recently–so long ago that we have no chart for her. I asked what was wrong with the animal, a cat. She gave me the following information–that the cat was an indoor/outdoor former stray, that it had a cut on it’s head, that she had been keeping it inside and that the cut was healing but she still wanted to see a vet. I explained that any open wound is something we need to see ASAP, and that I could schedule her later that same evening. That wasn’t conveinent for her, and I noted that on the appointment book. (Little did I know I needed it.)

Today, when there was a conveinent appointment for her (I’ll call her Mrs. Stupid Bitch), she came into the office, checked in, and sat down while she waited for the vet. She had brought the cat in a carrier. She opened the carrier and brought the cat out. The carrier was about the size of a shoebox. The cat was quite a bit bigger than the carrier. She had shoved this poor thing in that little box. But now that the cat is out, I get a good look at this “cut” on it’s head. This isn’t a cut. This cat’s right ear was hanging by a flap to its head. There was another cut starting at the left ear and moving across the head over to a bit in front of the left hanging ear. A flap of cat fur and skin was hanging off of this cat’s face. It was attached at the left cheek and the nose and underneath the right ear. You could see the facial muscles of the cat–the wound was that deep down. Parts of face were hanging in front of the eyes of this cat. And you could smell that the flesh was starting to decay and rot. This was by no stretch of the imagination a cut. This was a definite emergency. I am so grateful that no one else was in the waiting room, because the site of this poor cat, face hanging off, trying to nuzzle it’s owner was heartbreaking. The smell was nauseating. I could not believe Mrs. Stupid Bitch waited to bring the cat in until now or even thought this was healing.

I brought the doctor out right away. He took Mrs. Stupid Bitch into an exam room. He took the cat into surgury. I had to hold down the cat while the doctor tried to anestitize this cat–first with gas via a mask and then by several injections. When the cat was out, he cut off the dead tissue, flushed the wound, and sutured it up, with a drain for any oozing of the wound. The cat lost most of its facial muscle mass, will have scars, and look like someone slegehammered him. If he survives. The doctors gave him antibiotics, but with the wound being open for so long and starting to rot, he may not survive.

Once the doctor finished taking care of the cat, he went into the exam room to yell at the owner. He YELLED. People in the waiting rooms could here him. To paraphrase–never in his 35 years of practicing had he seen a wound so blatently in need of medical attention that was neglected for so long. Mrs. Stupid Bitch tried to say that I wouldn’t give her an appointment and he brought the book back and showed her where it was written that earlier appointments were “inconveinent.” The woman was made to pay for the surgury up front, plus 10 days of hospitialization and medicines. She did. And then we called the SPCA on her ass. Mrs. Stupid Bitch said on the phone that she had other animals. She won’t any more. And the cat in the hospital, if it survives, will be adopted by the office. That woman doesn’t deserve to have an animal, let alone children. She should have her face partially ripped off so its hanging in her eyes and be left to rot. FUCKING BITCH!

I can’t fathom how people can do that to their animals. It’s beyond me. When she left, I went into the bathroom to cry because that poor cat may have spent his last few moments loving someone that didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone or anything but her own conveinence. If that were my animal, it would have been in the office within 15 minutes of me seeing the wound (and that’s just the time it takes to drive to the vet). Appointment or not, conveinent or not, that’s part of being a pet owner–is the care of the animal. (On a side note, Mrs. Stupid Bitch has children…I wonder if they were sick and it was an emergency if she would make them wait for a convenient appointment. She should have her kids taken too, as a precaution.)

(sorry about the length of this–this really upset me. And I needed to rant about the bitch who is at fault.)

My God…What a nightmare! Is there any way that criminal charges could be filed?



Words fail me.

Let’s hope kitty pulls through and becomes an office fixture - where he can serve as a reminder to other pet owners of the need to care for animals properly.

Clearly this wasn’t even a case of the owner not being able to afford veterinary care for an unexpected emergency - so, so, very sad. :frowning:

Can you give kitty a pat for me when you see him next?

vivalostwages, you bet that criminal charges can result from this, if it is reported, which I assume it will be. (Right, Ghandi?)

The relevant Pennsylvania legislation.
“Depriving any animal of food, water, shelter or necessary veterinary care,” is considered Cruelty to Animals, and a summary offense is punishable by a fine of up to $750 or up to 90 days in jail.

Neither of which is sufficient. I wish I believed in a christian hell for people like that.

Yeah, well you’re just a fucking prick, but if your face was falling off I’d try to get you some medical help within a reasonable amount of time, anyway.

Guess you haven’t seen this thread yet Larry.

I’d withdraw the offer of medical help and leave it to die at under the bridge where it lives.

Uh-huh. Buh-bye, “Rebel.”

Classy piece of shit, ain’t ya?

OK, I think that’s enough of THAT.


ghandi, would you mind letting us know how things turn out for kitty?

Maybe if he pulls through you could call him Cecil? :slight_smile:

I hope the cat pulls through. If half his face is damaged, and the other is fine, perhaps you should call him “Harvey Dent”.

Good for your Dr.

oh my god. I am just about crying. I can’t believe someone could watch any living being go through that.

It’s inhuman.

give kitty a hug for me, please. I hope he makes it.

Oh my Lord, that poor little kitty! I’m glad that woman’s never going to see it again, and I hope any other pets she has are taken away as well. I can’t believe how selfish some people can be when it comes to caring for another living being.

Then again, people leave their pets (and children) in the car alone all the time, so this story doesn’t suprise me too much. I’m just curious as to how this woman can look at her cat, see it’s fucking muscle tissue, and think “Eh, it’ll heal.” Christ Almighty!

ghandi5569 (thanks for posting…)

That stupid biaaaatch needs to go to jail. Amazing.

(And for you, Rebel. People w/o any empathy for sick or injured life forms are usually abusers, serial killers, etc. Go to hell.)

(Fine, you don’t like cats. But for God’s sake, have some fucking compassion.)

Poor kitty. Hope he/she pulls through.

I definitely have no love for cats, but this really appalled me. No animal deserves this. I’d have been sooo tempted to smack her.

I agree with flyboy. I’m not a cat person, and having more than one around for any reason annoys the piss out of me as they aren’t good for anything in a regular house (as opposed to a farm) except for a convenient pillow.

However, I could not possibly stand by and watch an animal in pain and torment like that. And the picture of it trying to cuddle with this woman whale taking what might have been its dying breath would have been enough for me to (probably) shed tears.

There really are some awfully ignorant, unfeeling assholes in the world.

I’m about to go into work to check on the kitty. But I did just get a call from the vet’s office. And some good news.

The SPCA already went to Mrs. Stupid Bitch’s house and took all of her other pets–3 cats and a dog. However, those animals, other than not being up to date on vaccines were fine. They are going to file charges against her for animal cruelty and abuse for the cat that is currently in the office. Also, the office let me know that we did find part of Mrs. Stupid Bitch’s records in storage (off site of the office). Part of those records included a few x-rays of a previous animal and a chart stating that it had a broken leg with an infection caused by, guess what, not treating the animal in a timely manner. So there is a bit of proof that she has done a similar thing in the past–had a sick animal, kept it, didn’t get it seen by a vet immediately, and the animal got worse. All of her records, treatment log, and the note in the appointment book are now all evidence.

I also got an update on the kitty–he’s under heavy sedation so he won’t move or try to pull out his stitches. He’s also FIV negative (the feline equivilent of HIV) so that’s also a good thing. I’ll find out more about how he is doing when I can see him and review his treatment. (And he is a he.)

I swear to God that people (and I use the term loosely) like Rebel are enough to make me freakin’ LOSE MY RELIGION!!
OK, if you don’t like cats, fine, don’t have a cat!! If you own a pet you are legally and morally obligated to care for it!! I believe (correct me if I’m wrong, ghandi) that if an animal has a serious problem like this, and you are broke, most vets would work out a payment plan for you, so you can get the poor thing taken care of immediately.
I will pray for kitty. I love my cat and my family so much that I can’t imagine not taking care of them when they need it.

Glad you were able to get kitty some treatment and confiscate the Bitch’s other animals.

People who treat pets like animals and not family members should not be allowed to have pets.

Give kitty kisses for us and let us know how he’s doing.

Oh, that’s great news!

Give him a big hug for me, lots of petting and my good wishes!

goes and hugs her own kitties