A disturbing little ditty I can only remember the first line...

At school we had a clapping or jumprope kinda game that started

‘When I was young and had no sense,bum titty bum titty bum bum bum
I caught my balls on a barbed wire fence,bum titty bum titty bum bum bum’

After that promising beginning,I can’t remember anymore.Can anyone help? :o

Google found this:

When I was young, I had no sense,
Stuck my dick in an electric fence.
It curled my hairs, it tickled my balls,
It made me crap my overalls.

Is that it?

Is this it?
From http://6threalm.com/graffiti/
When I was young I had no sense,
I caught my balls on a barbed wire fence,
Off to the doctors I did go,
Balls and all I had to show,
I gave her a shilling and she was willing,
I gave her a crown and she lay down,
I gave her a smack and she opened her crack,
and I was in with the Union Jack,
Three months later all was well,
Six months later belly did swell,
Nine months later belly went pop,
and out came the kid with a paralised cock.
Ladies and Gentlemen that’s not all…
The poor little bugger only had one ball.