A DNA Question

A woman has sex with identical twins in the same night and gets pregnant. Can they find out who the father is?

Not from DNA. Doesn’t this belong in GQ?

If he had more details, I’d say Penthouse Forum.

AFAIK, there is no way at all to determine the father. DNA between identical twins is, well, identical.

:slight_smile: Tequila Mockingbird, you smart-ass.

Whichever one has the most money.:smiley:

Don’t be sexist, Skarecrow; there’s another side to this question. Say a man has sex with identical twin sisters. A pregnancy results. Is there any way to tell which one is the mother?

Five Yes! And I’m not talking about the obvious “which woman went through labour…” From what I understood in my biochem class yesterday, some fetal blood cells (nucleated) can enter the mothers blood stream, and these cells would have the child’s DNA. Now I don’t know how long those cells are there for, or if they degrade or anything (maybe after tomorrows class I’ll know more), but my WAG would be that a blood test of each woman could possibly reveal the fetal cells, hence indicating which was the mother.

Though how there could have been doubt to begin with…maybe one of those weird Springer-type “I want my sister’s man, so I claim to be the mother of their children and he can’t tell us apart” situation?

mnemosyne, I was making a joke. I’ve been known to do that from time to time.

the real question is: a woman has sex with identical twins on the same night. She gets pregnant. Does it matter who the father is?