A documentary about "Star Wars" fans.

It’s called A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Here’s a description:

It sounds rather similar to Trekkies. It opens this Friday here in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Sunset 5, located at 8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood. I don’t know when or if it opens elsewhere. Here is the film’s website.

I didn’t like Trekkies. It really focused on the absoulte hard core fans and really did not show typical ones. Plus when it came to hard core fans the film did not go into the charity work they do in any sort of detail.
Now Free Enterprise, that’s a different story.

It would not have been as entertaining to view average fans. If I wanted to see normal people I would look out my window. If I want to see the strange I’d follow the hard core fans.

Now I have to ask who are worse the Hard core Trek (ies/ers) or hard core Star Wars Fans?

I didn’t like Trekkies at all. I have no problem with hard core Star Trek fans. But the fans presented in Trekkies went beyond the die hard fans and focused on people who had an unhealthy obsession with all things Trek. I felt the movie was a very bad representation of Star Trek fans.


Go figure, I liked “Trekkies”. I have been a ST fan since 1966 (when I was seven years old!), and I have never been to a convention. So I know that most ST fans never bother to go to the conventions, and are not fanatics. But I really enjoyed seeing the lengths that some people go to. I’d certainly see this new movie about about SW fans.

I didn’t like Trekkies because it couldn’t figure out what to do with these people it was showing. On the one hand it wanted to pretend it was being sympathetic, but on the other hand it was clearly mocking them and holding them up in sideshow status. I felt it wanted to come in on both sides of the fence.

Oddly enough, I felt much the same after watching Trekkies as I did when I watched Legend of the Overfiend – kinda hollow and numb. Definitely not a showcase of the best of humanity. It was, however, worth it for the cast member interviews (except for Wil Wheaton, that pompous waste of air).

The problem with Trekkies is that it presents itself as a documentary film about Star Trek fans. The view of Star Trek fans given in the film is not at all representational of the truth. I’m not saying there aren’t any Star Trek FREAKS out there but they went out of their way to find and feature the scariest fans they could find.

Worst Documentary Ever!

Actually, it seems like the ST documentary was accurate in a way. After all, don’t most of the hard-core fans say “No, we’re Trekkers. Trekkies are the social misfits who take it way too seriously.”


Here’s the theatre webpage. Is the fact that it’s a weekend midnight movie significant?

Star Wars! Woo hoo!

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