A Double Pitting:Quit Spraying Skunks!/Quit Spraying Kid!

Alright here we go,
At my GF’s apartment complex there are three or more skunks that hang around here. There is also a concentration of dumb college kids in the complex as well. Put the two together and you get the lovely smell of skunk outside every few days.
Earlier this morning I went out for a smoke.It smells faintly of skunk. One must have sprayed outside even earlier on.
As I’m walking down the hall to the door, A father and son I have seen around the building walk in. The son, maybe 12 or 13 walk in and the kid says “Ewww! it smells like skunk in here” and proceedes to walk down the hall while spraying some really bad air freshener. It looked like the stuff they have in the automatic dispensers in public/resturant bathrooms. He sprayed it all the down the hall, from one end to another.
Now it smells like bathroom with a hint of skunk in the hall. The only way you could smell skunk in the hall is if you were near a door. It wasn’t over powering or nauseating. You could hardly tell it was there. Even outside you could barely smell it.

So way to go kid. The hallway now smells like a truckstop bathroom.

Be kind, the child was probably conceived in a truck stop bathroom, and the scent may be comforting to him.

Skunks, bah. There is a skunk that has been hanging around the house the last few nights. I think it’s discovered the cat dish and is enjoying the free food. But every night Eau d’Stinker wafts in the bedroom window, disturbing my calm and placid demeanor. Not to mention pissing off the cats.

As for the kid…maybe next time the skunk will target him.

Skunk sprays Kid; Kid sprays Skunk.

I sense a Karmic Jackpot just waiting to pay out… :eek:

I think I saw the kid hunting the skunk when I was leaving for work. He was creeping around the building with a big stick in one hand and a plastic bag in the other. Also it smelled like fresh spray when I got home. I wonder if he got his quarry.

Maybe his quarry got him.

We can but hope.

Best laugh of my day, Cluricaun.

Your thread title needs a couple commas. I really thought the skunks and kid were direct objects.

Eh, easily solved. Dump the broad.

Hafta love a place where people find the time to improve other people’s punctuation on pit rants :smiley: