A drunk barfly and the actual election process

So I’m always inundated with idiots when I visit the bar across the street. Sometimes I wonder why I talk there at all. Tonight’s idiot was a guy claiming that Obama can’t produce a birth certificate. He said that when the senate asks Obama for a birth certificate, he has to show it, and when [sic] he can’t, Peluso [sic] will be the next president of the US since she’s the holder of the speech [sic] or whatever I want to call it.

I conned him into betting a beer on it and asked for specifics. He clarified (after much leading by me) that it would happen after the Electoral College votes, but before the Senate confirms the vote, and that since the President picks the VP, Biden would “go away” too.

OK, so he’s clearly wrong, but what would happen if Obama (grant me this) couldn’t come up with a birth certificate? Is that even relevant? If so, does the college reconvene and vote again or does it go to the House? To me, it’s clear that the College votes for the President and VP regardless of how the people vote and that if a majority is not reached, the HoR votes on it. But what happens if they’ve already voted and the guy turns out to be ineligible?

I want all the facts before I claim my beer.

The EC elects the Pres and then the VP. If the Pres can not servee the VP is the Pres.

So then there’s no revote then? The VP-elect is inaugurated as the Prez?

Number one, George Washington and the next 6 Presidents weren’t natural born citizens. Number two, you can be damn sure that any ineligible person attempting to run for President these days will get found out before the Electoral College enters into it. And third, if your pal has Internet access, he can look at Obama’s birth certificate right now.

From the Twentieth Amendment:

If a President elect were demonstrated not to be a natural born citizen, then he would never qualify, so that the Vice President elect would serve as President.

That Biden was selected as a VP candidate by Obama is completely irrelevant. His election as VP will be by the federal electors, and is independent of Obama’s election as President.

Technically, the VP candidates are chosen by the party nominating commissions. The fact that they go with whoever the POTUS candidate tells them to doesn’t signify.

Snopes on the Obama birth certificate.