A drunk guy racing his friend did a 10 x rollover Friday for 10 x the fun.

A relative was delayed getting to our house Friday night due to seeing this. A pickup was whipping around vehicles and cutting them off on highway 51 last evening, when he decided to do a few off road rolls. The road is a double lane with a single lane each way. It’s almost impossible to pass vehicles due to curves and hills, let alone the heavy traffic. This didn’t stop two people from racing down it at high speeds last night to see who would win the race to the next destination. The drinking started after finishing work at 14:00. Next was the brilliant idea to drive home or where ever 3 hours later. At some point they start racing home and weave between cars going in their direction and oncoming traffic at high speeds. One of the vehicles went off the road and rolled over 10 times in a farm field, before the vehicle stopped. The other person kept driving. As the vehicle goes into the rolls the driver flies out of the vehicle. You of course didn’t think this person would have been belted in to prevent that did you? The guy’s body is showing a few odd bends at this point. There were now about 10 vehicles stopped eager to talk to the police when they show up. The guy’s friend eventually turns around and comes back to check on the guy in the field. The friend starts in on the barely conscious accident victim which is being held in position by a couple people. The friend is then shaking and trying to move this guy and get him upright. It was a typical we have to get going from the crime scene panic. The other two people helping the accident victim are telling the friend to stop it, and an old man is about to be assaulted by the friend. The friend was going to bolt from the scene, but was told oh no you don’t and there are plenty of people that will make sure the cops know about him. The friend eventually is just standing a bit away from the guy that has all the broken bones. The cops show up and are soon directed to the friend. The cops take names of most witnesses and not statements as statements are likely not needed. The guy wasn’t dead at that point.

This makes my witness of the local KFC having a grease fire from earlier this week seem like nothing. There was lots of black smoke coming out all the roof vents.

very unusual and lucky that innocent people didn’t die.

Yes it was.

VERY lucky. I have a friend who rolled her car 3 times a few months ago. She feels amazingly lucky to be alive.

Did he make it then?

I feel really sorry for the victim and his friend. How were they supposed to know that driving while drunk wasn’t safe? Somebody should start a public awareness campaign about that or something.

I know. The lack of interest in drunk driving as a social issue makes me so madd!

So the friend won, right?

I haven’t seen anything in the news for this, so I don’t know what the guy’s condition was after the witness I know left.

That’s why he waited a while to come back. You have to make it to the next checkpoint, otherwise when you circle back around, you might find that the first guy was just faking and took a shortcut around you.