a-e-i-o-u word groups

I hesitate to say so, but this came to me in a dream last night, so I felt that was significant enough to go ahead and post this. There may be similar threads but I haven’t tried to locate them. Treat this as a game or a challenge or a way to kill some time, but see if you can top what’s been posted already, assuming something is.

The basic idea is to come up with word groups that consist of standard spellings of relatively common (not archaic) words that differ only in the vowels employed. Include w and y vowels if they apply.

A sample: last lest list lost lust

Finding a group with double vowels (may be tough) would be great, or multi-syllable words, or some other standout feature.

If a word gets close to being “common” and can at least be found in a “collegiate” (or better) dictionary, go ahead and use it.

Participants in the thread may vote on which group is “the best” once we have some to consider.

Have fun.

bag, beg, big. bog, bug

bat, bet, bit, bot, but

mass, mess, miss, moss, muss

I’ve been collecting these since I was a kid. I’m on my way out, though – back with a bunch later.

As an effort to move the thinking “outside the box” and to take a few liberties with the concept of “common” by adding a proper name to the list, how about:

pale, Pele, pile, pole, pule, and Pyle (just to get at least one group with a y word, proper name though it is.)

You said non-archaic, but you said nothing about non-standard dialects, so…

Hat, het, hit, hot, hut.

Gat, get, git, got, gut.

Also, since you also said, nothing about non-English words, I cheat a bit:

Than, then, thin, thon, Thun.

Ah, and that last one gave me a :smack: moment…

Tan, ten, tin, ton, tun.

tall, tell, till, toll, Tull

Not quite, but close:
male, melee, mile, mole, mule
mare, mere, mire, more

band, bend, bind, bond, bund


Dane, *dene, dine, done, dune

  • violates most of the OP’s rules, but at least it’s in a dictionary as a British term

mure is a word, but I think it’s too old-fashioned to count.

math, meth, moth, myth (does that count?)

harder than it looks!

tack, Teck, tick, Tock, tuck

How about a palindromic double whammy?

pap, pep, pip, pop, pup
tat, Tet, tit, tot, tut

I’d be willing to bet that some of these have passed through more than a few minds in the process of trying to find groups that pass the OP test for spellings, so to get them off my mind, and perhaps yours, here are a few groups to sponsor a spinoff/hijack:

say, see, sigh, sow, sue
bay, bee, bye, bow, boo
lay, lee, lie, low, lieu
may, me, my, mow, moo/mu
day, Dee, die, doe, due
ray, Ree, rye, row, rue

If you have had similarly distracting “almosts” interfering with your thinking, might as well list them and get them out there – at least for the laughs.

baa, bay, be, bee, bey, bi, boa, boo, buy, by, bye

(if we are allowing double vowels)

pan, pen, pin, 'pon, pun ('Pon my word!)
Baer, beer, bier, Boer, Buer

From the “they’re legit two-letter Scrabble words” file:

ma, me, mi, mo, mu, my

as, es, is, os, us

Bad, bed, bid, bod, bud.