A Familiar SciFi Movie Set

This type of set was used in The Incredibles, Brazil, and some of the X-Man movies. You go through a door, and down a long catwalk, at the end of which is a circular platform. The platform is suspended in the middle of an enormous cavernous room. What is this set based on, and has it been used in any other movies?

The set in Brazil was filmed at the disused Croyden B power station. I believe this was the first use of this kind of setting, although the use of a wide angle lens from a low perspective to give a sense of forbidding height has a much longer history, going back to at least Leni Reifenstahl’s A Triumph of Will.


Similar deal in the famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Darth says:

No, I am your father.

Yeah, I spoilered that. Yep.

That type set shows up in Forbidden Planet. Here’s a link to the Krell machinery.

This is what I came in to mention.

Here’s a video of the Krell machinery:


Stellar Cartography in one of the Trek TNG movies.