"A Fart By Any Other Name"



:: sigh ::

You know, I really try to be a cultured, demure woman.

But you people keep bring up the fart stuff!

I’m so weak! I must look!

And darn tootin’ I’ll be adding this to my bookmarks and checking it out in depth later.

I find this site rather informative…

Be sure and check out the gallery. :eek:

  • s.e.

Hmm… I should really tell my brother and sister about all these fart sites! (we have these inside jokes that relate to farting and things related to that; more than that, you do not wish to know!)

Monster104, a fart web is just the thing I need to be showing my sibs… like they don’t think enough about that sort of thing already! :rolleyes:

scout, you hit the mail on the head… “darn tootin’”, indeed…

Thanks, Scott… they’ll really be intrigued about sending REAL POOP to their enemies!