A federal judge has issued a stay against the Muslim ban.

Heads are exploding at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The worst activist judges. Sad!”

The travel restrictions should have excluded people with Visas, already in the air, and due to land.

It’s pretty dumb to retroactively apply travel restrictions to people about to land on US soil.

Trust Trump to do things in the most incompetent and inflammatory way possible, without any thought of the consequences.

What makes you think he gave no thought to the consequences?

Never underestimate the intelligence of your adversary.

The airport officials aren’t even applying the order correctly. Trump specifically stated the ban didn’t apply to Christian refugees from those countries. Christians are being persecuted and killed in Iraq and Syria. Maybe Libya too?

Idiots at the airport screwed up.

Huh, I got that wrong. Looks like the travel ban includes everybody from those countries.

But Christian refugees will get priority in being approved later.

Good. Checks and balances are working. May they continue to do so against Trump’s orders.

But giving priority to one religion over another isn’t discrimination based on religion. Uh-uh, no siree!

Christians are a very small minority in those countries. Their churches bombed and destroyed. They are being driven from their villages.

Yes, they require priority treatment.

Some background on the dangers they face.

It’s not 1940 when Jews were denied immigration because the quotas were full.

There are also Muslim minorities being killed and displaced. Do they not require “priority” treatment too?

Yes, like this little guy from Syria. He can never be considered for refugee status under the executive order.


When does the case come up for final arguments on the stay?

I suspect the stay will be set aside when that happens.
The USG has always felt that a visa can be cancelled at anytime if they feel its appropriate; they tell you this about 15 times during the visa application process.

aceplace57 logic:

News report -
Trump announces all puppies are to be killed, but Chihuahua puppies will be spared.

That’s good news, Chihuahua puppies deserve special treatment, they are so cute.

The judges ruling does nothing to the ban. It’s still in effect. Heads remain unexploded.

Then what does a “stay” mean? I thought it meant that the ban is provisionally not in effect until some subsequent more permanent hearing?

The temporary stay is on deportation of the detained travelers. There is no stay on detaining them though (that is, not letting them in).


It wasn’t just because “the quotas were full”. The claim was that some of them might be German spies. Just like now they might be terrorists.

Historically green cards have been a another story, but not this time.

Hope he has not ruined your weekend, you are still an immigration paralegal IIRC?

Even it if it is dealing with frantic phonecalls. I saw one dude on TV who said that he was advising all Muslim clients, blacklist or no blacklist not to leave the country anytime soon.