A few late Endgame thoughts (Spoilers natch)

  1. 2014 Thanos should have just stayed in 2014 and stayed with his plan but slightly altered. He gets the stones, then he “Destroys the universe down to its last atom before remaking it”…or whatever he was going to do. Granted, he only knows what 2023 Nebula knows,. I don’t know how much of the plan she is privy too. So he might be afraid they arn’t being returned or even worse…they’re being “Returned” to an alternate dimension. So from his perspective all the stones collected in 2014 are gone forever

  2. Cap should keep the soulstone. 2014 Thanos and the soulstone come from the same dimension/timeline. There’s no reason to return it.

  3. Also Black Widow from that timeline will survive cause that timelines Thanos is dead.

  4. Finally…and i can’t believe I just thought of this. What is Old Cap gonna do??? Just go home?

After a season or two of hilarity with Falcon and Bucky trying to be substitute Captain Americas, they’ll just recast someone as the new Steve Rogers and come up with a bullshit explanation why he looks 70 years younger than he is. It happened multiple times in the comics. Look for a new Tony Stark down the road as well.

I think that your mistake is assuming that any of the time travel stuff makes any sense at all. It doesn’t.

Returning the stones had nothing to do with Thanos. It’s essentially to restore “balance” to those timelines. Note that the power stone was from that timeline as well.

Here’s the biggest plot hole in the film:

In short, no Stones=universe torn apart.

So why isn’t the universe torn apart after Thanos destroys the stones?

She seems to be specifically referring to the Time Stone and how it’s needed in a couple of years to defeat Dormammu

Funnily enough “Our” Dr. Strange has lost the time stone for good.

A few reasons:

  1. The “chief weapon” isn’t all the stones, just the time stone since that’s what she and the rest of the Sorcerer Supremes use when they fight Mads Mikkelson and whoever else wants to start something with Earth.

  2. It might not have just happened yet. I doubt Tilda Swinton’s world immediately fell to pieces once she gave Banner the stone. In theory, the stone wasn’t actually ever gone because the moment Banner took the stone, Captain gave it right back. So once Thanos destroyed the stones all that happened was a means to fight evil was eliminated, not that evil would run amok.

When a timeline has anything big and important removed from it and not replaced, <mumble mumble> and that would be bad.

Thanos himself was big and important, and he was already removed from at least one timeline and not replaced. So what would it matter if Stones were also removed from that timeline and not replaced?

multiple timelines - when thanos removed himself, that timeline never had infinity war/endgame - so it was a net good.

Remove the timestone from that particular point - that timeline goes south in a bad, bad way.

Loki manages to steal the space stone and escape - new timeline (and a new series to watch).

Anytime something is removed, there is a branch - put it back, there is still a branch, but the second timeline is functionally unchanged from the primary.

THe question is - what fucking branch are we on at this point? were there always 2 Caps in ‘our’ version of reality?

No, all the interactions they had in the past were separate timelines.