A few PDA related questions (I'm looking to get a new one)

It would be a bonus if I could sell my old one and also my phone. I am looking to go back to having one device for both purposes.

My current PDA is the XDA exec. For me its/it’s* most pleasing feature is that at the time it had double the resolution of EVERY other windows Mobile based PDA on the market (640x480)

Secondary arethat it’s a ‘clam phone’ (In other words it opens up like a clam to reveal a sturdy and quite useable keyboard) and that it is (or was) quite high-spec.
Problem is: It no longer works as a phone. About a year ago it started having difficulties detecting that a sim card was present. I replaced the sim card, to no avail. Since then I continued to use it as a portable wireless internet device. Almost every morning when I’ve woken up I pick it up off the bedside shelf, check a few websites (icanhascheezburger.com, news.bbc.co.uk. Not SDMB because on a 640x480 screen that’s not really practical, and besides… I’m not that obsessed with the SDMB!) Then I log into work via GotoMyPC and check emails (or rather I read them, and then mark them as unread so that I will read them properly at work later on). Then I check emails on my main account and my sacraficial spam account (then one I use when you have to supply an email to get an account somewhere, but suspect it might attract spam because of that)

I am wondering if people would still by a PDA/phone which is now just a PDA (albeit a fairly good one). (Would you?)
I am also wondering if any other PDAs on the market have caught up resolution wise. Anyone know of a PDA 640x480 or higher, that’s also a phone, has a physical (hideable) keyboard, wireless, 3g, decent processor and memory, and is windows mobile 5 or 6???

Anyway, a few show-pics of my current PDA…


[sub]*When refering to a property of a thing do you use an apostrophe in ‘its’ because you are talking about something it posesses? Or do you NOT use an apostrophe because it is an ‘it’, an un-named thing?[/sub]

the ‘by a’ instead of ‘buy a’, and the ‘Secondary arethat’ prove that I am human :smiley:

I don’t know about your PDA issues (FWIW, I have a Palm Treo 700-series and like it just fine but it doesn’t have your specifications), but I *can help you with this: the possessive of “it” is always “its,” no apostrophe. “it’s” only means “it is” or “it has.” It’s the same as the difference between “his” and “he’s.”

I understand.

Just to clarify… When the name is specified do you still use the apostrophe?

“This is bob’s banana”

“This is its banana”

Both true?

Am I the only one who looked at the title to this thread and thought PDA stood for Public Display of Affection? Jeez, I’m starting to feel old.

I need more than just one of those!!! And some Private ones too.

Both true.

I like how this thread is all about PDAs.

(Only kidding - I asked for it to derail!)

Getting back to the subject at hand, you may want to take a look at the just-released HTC Touch Pro, a VGA-equipped 3G phone running WM6.1. The experts over at XDADevelopers.com have been quite impressed with the Touch Pro, and I’m planning on getting one when they introduce a US GSM version.

Yes, I would - if I could afford the price you’d want to charge. I’ve been wanting a PDA for an ebook reader for ages, now.

I hate you. You just made me part with half a grand.

It is rather pretty, innit? :cool: I’m seriously considering it since I got to play with the non-keyboard version (the vanilla HTC Touch) and was very impressed.

Unfortunately the expansys prices made my wallet cry so I’ll be waiting until the US operators pick it up. :frowning: