A few questions about dabke

Periodically I get into a mood for watching dabke on YouTube for hours. I find the music incredibly infectuous, and it looks like so much fun.

I am wondering, what’s the deal with the guy on the end? Do wedding parties etc. just assign the most agile guy to lead the dance?

Also, how common is it for your average Lebanese or Palestinian person to know the steps? Are there endless variations, or could pretty much anyone familiar with the dance hold their own?

It seems that there is an element of tease… (I’m gonna leap now…no, I’m gonna leap now … wait, no, NOW!) How does everybody know when to leap all at the same time? (as they invariably do?)

Finally, what is that tinny horn called that sounds kind of like a shofar?

Thank you for the information. If you’re getting married sometime in Oakland and you plan to have dabke at the reception, please invite me!

You mean the mijwiz?