A Few questions About The "Aliens" Movies

Thats true. But I also got the impression that most other bug hunts were either outright busts or a big deal made about nothing worth writing home about.

Yeah, maybe, but it implies the existence of bugs to hunt. As opposed to the stand-up fight he’s hoping for, if I remember the line correctly.

Some years had passed between the events of Alien and Aliens, tho. Maybe a rash of attacks by swarms of semisentient bugs had come up in the in between time.

“Who’s Snow White?”
“Some big shot. Says she saw an alien.”

Precisely why you should not watch Alien 3 and skip directly to Resurrection. Just don’t worry about 3. It didn’t exist. I promise.

Whoa. I’ve never before witnessed the recommendation of Resurrection, even over the flawed but infinitely more thoughtful Alien 3. If anything, Resurrection proves Joss Whedon is much better at killing his characters than he is at, well… resurrecting them.

I’m not sure if it was revealed in “official” sources like the script or screenplay, or extended universe stuff, but someone said genetic engineering is common place in the Alien universe. Weyland-Yutani between the first and second movie moved into the terraforming business, and the settlers and colonists are kept mostly under their thumb much like company towns in the USA. There is apparently a lot of independence movements among colonies and terraformed worlds, some of which have turned violent and one of the weapons used are genetically engineered beasts called bugs in slang. And the bug hunts are when the military is called in to kill the bugs used in conflicts between WY and colonists or other colonies.

No. Nothing “useful”, just like your post. Just my opinion, as stated. “Hur, hur” indeed.

I thought it was interesting as well, although it wasn’t made explicit I imagined that there was an inverse relationship between objective and subjective speed as well. For example a journey to another star could take ten years at just below lightspeed but using the Aliens FTL drive the journey could be made in a single day for an outside observer but that trip would seem to last centuries for the crew, basically the faster you want to make the trip the longer it seems to the crew of the starship, so there would be a trade-off between achievable maximum speed and the feasibility of doing so.

Of course there’s nothing stopping them using ships crewed entirely by AI’s (or no crew at all) except for the effects of long duration trips on the ship structure itself.

Isn’t it the other way around?

I’m fairly sure it was as I described, I remembered it because it was the opposite of what you would expect but still sort of makes sense. The trip would seem to take a short time for someone waiting for the ship to arrive but a long time for the crew, but still faster than making the same journey below lightspeed.

I haven’t been able to come up with anything definitive in a google search but it is mentioned in the first post in this thread:


So its not something I just made up, I was wondering myself for a while there!

Check outthis link.

At v=.9C, ships time is .42 years, external time is 3 years.

In the seconod film, I believe it was pointed out that much more time had passed on Earth than Ripley experienced traveling.

He’s not talking about real-world relativistic effects, he’s talking about the imagined effects of a fictional “warp drive.”

As to whether there are other aliens in the the Alien-verse, in the second film, the lieutenant casually mentions that they’re hunting a “xenomorph.” So they’ve got jargon to specifically describe aliens, and nobody is particularly surprised to hear it used in a mission briefing. I suspect that there are a fair amount of non-intelligent, hostile fauna in the galaxy. Stuff that’s too dangerous for colonists to handle, but relatively easy for trained marines, hence Hudson’s derogatory “bughunt” question.

I suspect the space jockey was the first sign of intelligent extraterrestrial life, though. Or at least, the first that the people on that ship had ever heard of.

“Excuse me, sir… a Xeno-WHAT?”

I don’t agree that the jargon was as well-known as you’re suggesting. I always got the impression “another bug-hunt” meant “another hunt for nothing.” He says it with some serious contempt. Couple that with the quote Ethilrist provided, and I think it’s obvious they have never seen an alien before.

Also, the blu-ray quadrilogy version of Alien 3 is much improved, and a far stronger film than the old versions. My only regret is that they made it more obvious Bishop isn’t a robot at the end, when I liked the ambiguity of him in the original.

On the other hand, when they find the facehuggers in the tanks, no one seems surprised that there really are aliens in the colony.

Depends on whether you consider the Alien vs Predator movies (and presumably Prometheus) canon or not.

Is it safe?

I assume you’re speaking of Aliens, Cameron’s sequel to Scott’s original Alien.

By the time the Marine search teams get to Medical where the facehuggers are in stasis containers, it’s pretty obvious something has happened at Hadley’s Hope/LV426. Melted floors (Hick’s grudging acknowledgement, “Acid for blood.”), scenes of devastation and evidence suggesting a balls-out hopeless fight, yet no bodies, or signs of bodies, all of this points to Ripley being right all along, or at least not entirely as full-of-shit as they clearly thought she was when she was attempting to brief them, back up on the Sulaco.

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“Excuse me, sir… a Xeno-WHAT?”

I don’t agree that the jargon was as well-known as you’re suggesting. I always got the impression “another bug-hunt” meant “another hunt for nothing.” He says it with some serious contempt. Couple that with the quote Ethilrist provided, and I think it’s obvious they have never seen an alien before.

When the got out of stasis and sitting around the table Hudson ( I think it was Hudson) was joking with the black guy Pross?

" Remember that Arcturian poontang?" “yeah but yours was male.” “Don’t matter when it’s Arcturian”

I always took that the same way soldiers would joke about Vietnan girls. Given all the other Vietnam references, that made sense to me. I didn’t interpret the Arcturians as aliens, just humans who live on Arcturus. Sex with an alien never crossed my mind.