A few words from Dogface

I first ran into Dogface in the thread about Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and the HoF. Here’s a sampling of his discourse there:

This was a GD thread. People have been talking about the lowered level of discourse in GD lately, and maybe, as they say, a good deal of this is attributable to the war. But clearly not all of it.

Still, I thought that our protagonist might just have a hard-on for Sarandon and/or Robbins. But apparently not. I just opened up the India uses pre-emption argument GD thread, and there’s our hero again:

Or from the “quagmire” thread that he started:

Or in the Did many military men fear that Clinton would suspend elections? thread, commenting on a post of gobear, who isn’t exactly a leftie:

But a not very effective one. :slight_smile:

Sorry, no rant here. I’m just gonna let Dogface’s words speak for themselves.

But he is kinda funny, in his over-the-topness. Especially that “Bad bad bad. Why? Because bad.” bit.

Oh, I so totally disagree w/you RT. It’s this gem, delicious in its unintentional irony that is the “funny in the over the topness” way.::

I can just hear Pee Wee Herman saying “I know you are, but what am I?” I mean, sarcasm doesn’t get any deeper than this character.


…is pretty funny to me.

It won’t be so funny when BILLIONS of war widows need your tax dollars for benefits!:wink:

Everything that Dogface does is bad, by definition. Bad bad bad. Why? Because bad. That why.


Anyway, I agree that he is not exactly a shining beacon of rational discourse.

Well, it’s a lot of over-the-top hyperbole, mostly in support of basic positions with which I disagree. On the other hand, he’s pretty funny. I kinda suspect he’ll end up saying something that’ll get him banned, but until then, I think I’ll just enjoy the show.

That’s reasonable with me, Miller. He is a weird combination of irritatingly knee-jerkish and hilariously funny, often at the same time. I figured I’d go ahead and express my feelings through this thread before his more lively remarks made me forget we were in a GD thread sometime.

wring, I’m proud to say I’m the cryptofascist. Seems I responded to his “lifelong imprisonment or execution” remark with “I am devastated by your razor-sharp logic and wit, and must concede the argument.” :slight_smile:

When I read Dogface’s posts, I imagine him speaking like Weeble of “When come back, bring pie” fame, which makes his inane posts that much more entertaining.

He reminds me of Wildest Bill, which is strange because I joined the boards after he was history, and formed my opinion of him from that one infamous thread.

Still “bad, thats why” reminds me of “Gotcha ya”

I think I need some sleep.

So, wait … we can insult him by telling him he looks like a dog, and GET AWAY WITH IT in GD?

DUDE! I am SO posting in GD tomorrow!:smiley:

Well, I’ve been enjoying the Ask the Orthodox Christian thread that Dogface is hosting. Until this thread, I’m not sure if I’d read anything else of his.

When did “cryptofascist” make the leap from a made-up insult from Red Dwarf to a real word?

Agreed, except for him getting huffy because I described the Orthodox church as a denomination (trying to explain how Orthodox Christianity is different from Orthodox Judaism, in that it’s not the strictest form of Christianity)


Red Dwarf?

Today’s youth needs to get out more. I heard cryptofascist used as a (not complimentary) description in the very early 70s in a context that implied it was old, then. The OED cites it to 1937 and 1942.

I had it as far back as what Gore Vidal meant to say in 1968.

I need to get my OED out of storage.