A flute didn't cause the bomb scare, you CNN heathens! It was a bagpipe chanter!

An electronic bagpipe chanter, to be precise, not a “flute” as reported by CNN: Traveller’s Flute Causes Airport Evacuation. At least the local paper got it right:

Sheesh! So much ignorance in the world!

I don’t know…I think they could’ve cleared the airport much more quickly (and voluntarily) if they’d just taken it out and started playing…

Electronic bagpipe? Is that a bagpipe with an OFF SWITCH?!?! :smiley:

Sorry, who’s ignorant here? CNN for not knowing the difference between a flute and a bagpipe, or the airport security, for not being able to tell the difference between a X-ray of a bomb and an X-ray of an electric bagpipe in a PVC pipe?

Oh, I’m not faulting the chap running the X-ray scanner. A PVC pipe, capped at both ends, with a rod shaped thing inside with wires running to it - I can see how the scanner guy/gal would hit the “potential pipe bomb” button.