A Food Snob makes a Confession

I’d sneered at people who make cakes from boxes. I’ve shown distain for pie crust that aren’t from scratch. I’ve gagged when Cool Whip is mentioned. Yes, I’ve been called a Food Snob.

But I have a confession. One of my favorite snacks is peanut butter and syrup sandwiches. You mix the peanut butter and syrup in a bowl, then spread on bread and enjoy. Well, I had a hankerin’ for one a few days ago but I was out of bread. So I grabbed a flour torilla. Now four torillas roll better if heated, so I warmed it up, spread the peanut butter and syrup mixture on and rolled it up as a wrap.

Oh my. The warm torilla melts the peanut butter ever so slightly and enhances the flavor somehow. You try it now.

Sounds yummy. What kind of syrup do you use?

wiil it restore my bona fides if I say Cane sugar syrup only, never corn sugar syrup?

My favorite is Blackburn’s but it’s not avialable in Missouri

What kind of proportions are we talking here?


You may sneer, but there’s a taste in yellow cake from a box that I crave. Probably arsenic, msg, and nicotine. :smiley:

I’m all over peanut butter and honey.

Also peanut butter and banana and the Hudson Valley Special–peanut butter and bacon.

But then, I’m a gourmand, not a gourmet.

I used to roll up peanut butter in tortilla wraps… sometimes with honey, sometimes with jam, sometimes with chocolate chips.

A little off: One of the bad, bad things I used to do with tortilla chips is cut them into strips, deep fry them, pull them out and toss them into a bag filled with a cinnamon sugar mix. Mr. Stasaeon can’t get enough of these.

Some restaurant here in Memphis used to have a wrap sandwich called an Elvis Presley special. It was peanut butter and banana with syrup wrapped in a tortilla. My little girl would always order it but it was tasty to me too.

If you used flour tortillas, then you re-invented bunuelos (how do you make ~ go over the n?), a popular Mexican dessert/treat.

Homebrew, flour tortillas with just butter and a bit of sugar are wonderful, too. I haven’t had a syrup or honey and peanut butter sandwich in ages. We used Karo syrup, not cane though. Yum.

I am a medium-level food snob and would starve before eating at Taco Bell, but I have been known to make trashy tacos. You take a corn tortilla, a small handful of hamburger smooshed on one half, sprinkle with minced onion and whatever mild white cheese is around. Put the hamburger half in frying oil, fold when softened, flip to fry both sides. Add shredded lettuce, salsa, guac or sour cream. There you now have a taco no good abuelita would admit to even knowing about, it’s so low down. They’re wicked perfect after a night of drinking.

Oops, I forgot to add that bunuelos are usually the whole tortilla, not strips.

Aww, cool! I do use flour tortillas. My little strips come out crispy, like chips.

I make buñuelos (the word, not the food) by copying and pasting the “ñ” character (scroll down to 0241) from this handy page, which was compiled by the SDMB’s own wolf_meister.

You can also do it extemporaneously by pressing the ALT key while typing 0241. Saves you from opening a web page and copying.

Yes, you could hold the ALT key and type in the numerical codes (that’s why I included those too).
And you could have mentioned that the charcter map in Windows could also be used (if you like looking at really small font sizes).

And thanks Stervogel for the good words about my website.

I’m so glad to hear this - I got a craving for a butter and sugar sandwich at work today, and my co-workers teased me for eating such healthy food. What can I say - you eat what your mom makes you as a kid, and sometimes she made butter and sugar sandwiches. She also made us bacon grease sandwiches - bacon grease on bread, with a little salt, or one of our favourites, deep fried bread dough. Somehow we were all healthy kids.