A found cell phone question.

I know someone who found a cell phone on the street. Did what they could, (replied to last text message, telling where the phone was, for pick up etc. They know it was received as they were asked what phone was being texted from!), but no one ever turned up to collect it. Almost a month ago! Eventually the thing ran out of power and no one has the power cord for it.

So here’s my question, this person also has a cell phone that just died, kaput, no good! They don’t really have the funds, at the moment to buy a new phone, and they already have a plan set up and paid for. Can they use the found phone? Can it be repurposed like that?

I realize they’d have to first invest in the right power cord, and power the thing up and check if there are any missed calls or messages from the owner, of course. But assuming there is nothing there, can they find a way to use it?

Depends on the company and how the previous owner deactivated the phone. It may be flagged as stolen.

Assuming it’s not flagged as stolen, and, in fact was not stolen, before it was dropped. I’m thinking it was someone out of town, why else wouldn’t they come, to where they were told it was located?

Can they take it to their provider, and just switch out the sim card?

Is it possible? Of course. There is a large market for used phones. Is it do-able? You would have to check with your (friend’s) provider.

Thanks for the help!

As a side note…When I managed a Bakery Cafe we had at least a cell phone a week turned in or found. I always scrolled through the contact list. Nine times out of ten there was an entry for MOM…Nine times out of ten the cell phone was returned.

I’ve always just called the service provider, they always seem to have another way to contact the owner.

If nobody has a power cord than can charge it, will the SIM cards be the same type?

I found a cell phone on a bench outside our office tower.

I found the “Home” entry, and hit dial. A woman answered…

Woman: Hi. What’s going on?
Ducati: Um, not a lot. I just found…
W: What’s the matter with your voice?
D: Nothing. This is my regular voice. I was just calling…
W: You don’t sound like you. Is this Ducati?
D: Well, yes it is, actually. You see…
W: Your voice is deeper. You must be getting sick. I don’t want you sick around the baby.
D: I want you to stop talking.
W: What?
D: Yes, my name is Ducati, but obviously not the one you think. I found this cell phone and I’m trying to return it to its owner.
W: You’re kidding! It’s my husband’s phone. HIS name is Ducati too! He works at ABC building!
D: Well, that’s where I found it. Have him meet me downstairs, blah, blah, blah.

Small world.

I found an Andriod* square *in the middle of the highway (literally on the yellow line), battery and back case missing. No way for us to track down an owner. Gave it to my kid to play with.

Got home and my wife tells me there is a market for used phones. She lists it on ebay and sold it for around $25 within minutes of it being listed!

Aren’t you supposed to turn in found items to the police?

elbows, do you know what carrier the phone is for, or what type of phone it is?

If your friend wants to use it, it might be good to see if it’s compatible with your friend’s existing service.