A Fresh-Water Paddle-Wheeled Naval Carrier. In RL. Involves Bush. Citelink

This jabbering Roundhead Madness is all true!
We built a paddle wheeled aircraft carrier, & then deployed it in Lake Michigan. In fact, we built two OG-be-dammed paddle-wheeled fresh-water aircraft carriers, & deployed them in Lake Michigan.

And George Bush was involved!
And he landed on it!
Several times!!
To help Win The War™!

Of course, it was built in World War 2.

And it was George Mark One.

And they were training ships.

But they were Paddle-Wheeled Fresh Water Aircraft Carriers.

And here are the links to prove it–

Why have we not heard of this before? :confused: :cool:

Hey man, so long as they ain’t got Mel Gibson on board for a huge poker game with Jodie Foster and James Garner, I’m cool with it.

Oh, and so long as they don’t make trireme-submarines, I’m cool with that too. . .

nitpick: they were converted from existing paddlewheelers.

I knew that you were referring to the Sable and the Wolverine without previewing or opening the thread. That must say something about me, but I’m not sure I want to know what.

I stumbled on these about a week ago and was saddened to see niether one was saved to become a museum ship.

Well, it says much the same thing about me. I’d first encountered a mention of them in the memoirs of R.ADM Daniel V. Gallery. Actually, looking at pics of the Wolverine, it’s surprising to me, just how normal it looks, really.

…I wonder if the Bolivian Navy has heard of this… :smiley:

Let’s have a paddle-wheeled naval carrier! With hookers! And poker! In fact, forget the carrier!

Not quite trireme, but how’s about a triple hulled submarine?