A Fun Little Time-Waster

Guide the egg into the frying pan without breaking the yolk by drawing a sloping line under it.

The instructions are in a funky kind of Japanese but all you need to know is to click your mouse. If you get a page with a bunch of squares on it, just click and it’ll take you to the start page. The squares are where more Japanese instructions are if your computer is so enabled, I imagine.

The first time I tried this game it took about a half hour to finish but I learned the trick to it so the next time, it only took about five minutes. The trick is:

Hold your mouse button down for a continuous line, rather than making a bunch of short lines.


Level 9 in about 15 minutes.

Then my wrist gave up and started going for the scrambled eggs. :smiley:


Level 9 in 7 minutes here.