A Game based on movies and TV shows

I don’t know whether anyone has ever posted this kind of game before.

But the idea is that one person posts a quote from a movie or TV show. It shouldn’t be too familiar and it shouldn’t be impossibly obscure.

Then people have 24 hours to try to identify the movie or TV show from which that line originated. If 24 hours elapses and no one posts the correct answer, then anyone can post the next line (and hopefully the person who posted the quote to begin with will return and identify the movie or TV show from which the quote originated). The person who gets to post the next quote is the one who is closest to the 24 hour limit - but not if they post it before 24 hours - they have to wait a minimum of 24 hours. I hope I have explained this OK and that it makes sense.

The person closest to posting after 24 hours can then post the next quote.

OK? I hope it will work out OK.

I will start with a quote from one of my most favorite movies. I just watched it yesterday and it still is as wonderful as it was the first time I saw it.

Here is the quote:

“I thought the reason we failed was because one of my men saved a child from drowning.”

Good Luck and I hope we will have fun.

P.S. If someone should guess the correct movie or TV show before the 24 hours elapses, then they can just go ahead and post the next quote to be guessed.

The Eagle Has Landed, Michael Caine to the Vicar after he and his men have been found to be German paratroopers.

"Is this what they call ‘copping a feel’?"

Gratz Terentii.

You are correct! I’m guessing you obviously knew that.

For anyone who has never seen this movie, I would just like to say it is one of the best ever.

It has Donald Sutherland at his best. Michael Caine at his best. Robert Duvall almost at his best. (Robert Duvall has made so many other fabulous films that it’s difficult to say he is at his best here but he is great nonetheless).

Donald Pleasance is great! And I liked Larry Hagman a great deal. I never liked Larry Hagman at all in any other film. But he plays the clown to perfection in this film.

If any of you have never seen this film and you are ever in the mood for a first class action & adventure WWII movie, it’s hard to do much better than The Eagle Has Landed.

It holds up today just as well as it did in 1976. I recommend it to you whole heartedly!!

In re The Eagle Has Landed, I thought I would forever associate Donald Pleasance with Blythe from The Great Escape. Now I realize he was born to play Heinrich Himmler. I also loved the score by Lalo Schifrin.

To my quote above, I’ll add (from the same movie):

"Peel out! I love it when guys peel out!"

"He looks just like a dog down there on all fours, don’t he?"

"Hey, man. You want a Popsicle?"

Brownie points if you can name the characters and the points in the movie where they say the lines.

I would like to ask Terenti (or anyone else who has an opinion) a question that is sort of “on a tangent” to this thread.

If you are very familiar with Donald Pleasance’s portrayal of Himmler, can you give me an opinion as to the following?

In the film Operation Daybreak (a movie about the attempted assassination of Heidrich in WWII), an English General states that Heidrich is not a barbarian like Himmler and that Heidrich is an extremely intelligent man.

Would anyone be able to offer an opinion as to why Himmler is a Barbarian?

If you watch Donald Pleasance’s portrayal of Himmler, there is nothing there to suggest he is a barbarian. What is is about him that would cause people to call him that? I honestly just don’t get it and I’d really like to know.

I’m not referring to the things Himmler did in the war. Obviously, if you consider that he was in charge of the SS and they were responsible for the extermination of millions of people then … Yes! Of course he was a monster and a barbarian. But was there anything in his day-to-day persona? In his mannerisms? If you ever met him, would there be anything about his personality that would suggest he was a barbarian?

This really belongs in another thread, I think. :dubious:

I can’t believe no one has identified my movie yet! And NO GOOGLING!

American Graffiti, am I right?? Great movie from the 80´s!


American Graffiti is right, one of George Lucas’s best movies. Came out in '73, as I recall (I first saw it not long after I’d gotten out of high school).

Cast included Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Paul LeMat, Cindy Williams, Mackenzie Phillips, Suzanne Sommers, and (of course) Wolfman Jack.

Your go!

Very few films have magnificent casting that casts a whole bunch of future start together. American Graffiti is one of them.

Whoever cast that movie had one eye on future greatness!

As far as using Google is concerned, I’d like to amend the rules of this game such that before anyone submits a new quote, they should try to use Google and see if it identifies the movie.

If it does, then I really think it should not be submitted as a quote to be played.

This seriously limits a player’s options. Perhaps they can amend a quote slightly so that it’s still recognizable but not Google-able. Or, we can just rely on them NOT to Google, since that defeats the purpose of any trivia game!

Doggone it! You are correct, of course. I’m just really not sure how to handle this problem.

Maybe we can give it a day or two and see if anyone else has some suggestions?

I’d say, just keep on playing. Pprovazky should offer the next quote, since he got my movie correctly.

I think that using an honour system promising not to google answers (after all, it’s not like you are going to win anything here) should be enough.

Please excuse.

posted in error.

I guess we need another new rule saying that if someone makes a correct guess, then, they have only one hour to post the next round. Otherwise, anyone may post the next round - whoever gets there first.

Oh my! I sure hope we don’t have to make any more new rules.

For some reason, this sure is a lot more complicated than I first envisioned.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to “buck up”!