A Genuine Caption Contest

Drac made quite a fool of himself after he bit all the girls at the vodka party.

Jim Carrey’s version of the Vampire King was insanely popular among pre-teen audiences.

Brave men and good ol’ scary Halloweens are a thing of the past.

No Drac, I said “chance of flood”, not “dance for blood”.

They’re all cute when they’re little.

…is the winner! Take it away, Placebo!

Sorry, this is the winning line.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It is 6 p.m. in Romania right now and my daughter should arrive home in about an hour.
I think she would like to suggest the next picture, so let us wait a little please.

Here is the new picture:

You can view the image here, as well:

“Harold, get the swatter. There’s something crawling on the ceiling again!”

Area 51: The Go-Go Lounge

:notes: Walk Like an Arcturan :notes:

Gret*/nAk? Mit"^kLa performed her first levitation today. I need you to come home and GET ME DOWN!

“To demonstrate the hold of Ultra-Clutch hair spray, Barbara used a whole can on her hair, then went for a walk on the ceiling. Notice how not even gravity can defeat Ultra-Clutch!”

After biting Peter Parker, the radioactive spider bit a few more people, but outside of parlor tricks, none of these other people realized their crime-fighting potential.

“Zarg? Did you forget to warm up the probe again?”

I told her the one about the man with the wooden leg named Fred.

(Not an entry) What was the name of his other leg? (nae)

I liked this one best:

Okay, @Prof.Pepperwinkle, back to you. :slight_smile:
Please post the next picture to caption.