A Goat Eating Dynamite

I was watching an Andy Griffith Show marathon and Jimmy the goat a some dynamite.

What would happen in real life? Would the goat not be able to do this? Would the goat get sick from the dynamite? Would the goat be able to explode?

If it was real dynamite, I’d expect that the goat would get very sick. Nitroglycerin is used to treat angina in humans, and can cause a wicked headache from very small exposures. It causes the blood vessels to dilate. Real dynamite contains huge amounts of nitroglycerin.

A relevant snip from the Wiki articleon nitroglycerin :

So, at the least I suspect that the goat would feel awful.

It would have hypotension and could die… It could explode too if the dynamite was sweating. Boom! Big Bumpity Boom!

The Badger Army Ammunition Plant workers would take home pieces of explosives and wear them under their clothing when they weren’t working. They have a section about this in the video they did on the plant.

Paddy Maginty, an Irishman of note;
he fell into a fortune, and bought himself a goat.
Now this very goat, it had an appetite,
and early one morning, it ate some dynamite…

I just hope other farm animals don’t try it, too.
That’d be abominable.

[sub]Sis boom bah[/sub]

“A Goat Eating Dynamite” would be a swell title for a Southern Culture On The Skids album.