A good ass kisser can be helpful!

I’ve worked at the same place for the last twelve years. I don’t get into the petty crap that happens all the time. I don’t worry about my job security. I haven’t had anybody working diretly under me for over twelve years. I don’t want to manage a bunch of people anymore.

I now have someone that would work directly under me most of the time. I’ve been around long enough not to have ass kissing influence how I interact with them, and to what I report to higher ups. Yesterday was a pleasant ass kissing experience. It won’t get them ahead with me, but I sat back and enjoyed the treatment yesterday. Now back to the usual. They can just be polite, not rude , do their job, and I’m happy. I was nice to have that special treatment just for one day, though I won’t put up with it for long, as was made clear today of what I expected and won’t put up with.

Moderator’s note:

This thread could go either way–IMHO or MPSIMS–thus far I just can’t call it. Don’t want to derail your topic, phobia. Could you clarify a bit? I’m guessing that the jist is asking opinions on the practice of ass kissing.

I just ask lest people chime in with uncouth discussions about your nether regions and we lose yet another thread to MPSIMS. They’re animals over there, I tell you, animals.

(Yes, this question is sincere, though with a certain overlay of mischief.)

for IMHO

With proper spinal flexibility you can actually learn to kiss your own…

Oh, um, hi Veb. Didn’t see you over there. I’ll just turn the lights out as I go…

It’s a slippery slope. First you enjoy the ass-kissing. Then you come to expect it. Then you’ll need it. And pretty soon after that, you’ll be sliding cigars up their nether regions.

Just leave those lights on, andygirl, not everyone has excellent night vision, y’know!
You can continue with your demonstration, now. :slight_smile:

TVeblen the topic was writen in the humblest of my opinion. Not that my opinions are truely very humble.

TVeblen “(Yes, this question is sincere, though with a certain overlay of mischief.)” Thank you for noticing. You are very altruistic and attuned to others.

Now would anybody like to add your own positions on the topic, keeping out of the physical aspects, which some of you will wish to include. This thread is for non contact ass kissing. Do you enjoy it? Do you do it? Do you hate it, when done to you?

Personally I dislike ass-kissing in all its aspects. It’s phony; I’d rather be honest and sincerely courteous with people, and that’s how I’d like to be treated by others. If a person can’t respect his or her superior, they can still be polite. That’s what I think, anyway.