A good day for hlanelee...

At the end of the day, if they are not packing cotton up my ass, I call it a good one and get some rest because it will all start over again soon. :smiley:

I’m sure I’m missing something here…

Not necessarily. I mean if you think about it, any day They’re not packing cotton up your ass would be a good day. I guess. Never having had cotton packed up my ass.

A whole new definition of “cottonmouth”. :eek:

A day without cotton being packed up your ass is like a day. . .without orange juice?

Just to clear things up…

Typically a mortician packs cotton in all the bodily orifices…for some reason, I’m not sure.

I thought we had a racehorse posting about the joys of the offseason.

I had the honor of helping to prepare a corpse for burial recently, and we didn’t pack cotton in the rectum, but did use a tube-shaped large piece of cotton (kinda like a rounded sanitary napkin) between the cheeks of the buttocks; this, I was told, was to keep embalming fluid, or any other fluid, I suppose, from leaking out in an unseamly manner.

Well, along the seams is where one often finds leaks.

At least when I mis-spell something, I manage to be (unintentionally) humorous. :cool:

Hey! I was supposed to have a good day today, and I had a lousy one.

Did you take my good day?

Does that mean you’ve got cotton in your nethers? :eek:

Whelp, by the OP’s standards, I’m having a great day. I haven’t even seen a cotton ball today.