A good desert island romance please?

Maybe because it’s sleeting “wintry mix” outside, maybe because I’m ovulating, I just find my fantasies trending to being stuck on a deserted island with an extremely desirable man.

Recommend me something in this vein I am likely to be able to find at the library and I will be grateful eternally(or at least til the spring).


P.S. doesn’t actually have to be a “romance” novel as long as it contains the desert island, the woman and the man.

“Batavia’ graveyard”. Guarenteed to warm the cockles of your heart. Or something like that.

Does Gilligan’s Island count?

Nerd in shining armor. I think is the title. Nerdie computer guy ( who is 6’4 and buff…HAH) and Red Hot chickie are stranded on a deserted island together.

It is the only book I can think of featured on a desert island.
I’m more of a Castles/Regency/Time Travel/Paranormal gal myself. I don’t like to think about sand up my hoo-haa…y’know what I mean? :smiley:

Ooo, then could you recommend a good time travel romance? (read Outlander series thanks to drooling over Jamie Fraser on this board.)

The novelization of Castaway, maybe?

Wilson was looking pretty haggard by the time they made that raft…

Green Darkness by Anya Seton

Melanie Jackson writes good romance – historical, supernatural, time travel – I don’t normally read romance, but Melanie was a member of an on-line book group I belonged to. She was so knowledgeable, charming, and funny, I had to give her books a try. Thumbs up.

If you can find it, you might like The Court of the Midnight King by Freda Warrington – not really time travel so much as time-seeing – a modern day woman sees the story of Richard III through the eyes of a young woman who lived back then.